Time Periods: Before Crown, After Crown

200 BC Dr. Humphrey is born

25 BC Gnomeman is born

24 BC Rhoda is Born to two Kalashtar

24 BC Mortavia of Khaji is born to two low born Bedine

22 BC Gnomeman is born

19 BC Jayna is born to 2 Dark Elves

12 BC Mortavia's village is attacked by a raiding band of Elves, only 6 people including Mortavia survives.

11 BC Jayna is sent off to a Elvish Unviersity

11 BC Gnomeman gets invovled in the Black Arts and opens a Inn as a cover to experiment on people

11 BC Mortavia exiles hims elf and becomes a farmer near Silverymoon, but retains his own beleifs

11 BC Jayna is kicked out of the unviersity after arguing with a teacher and slashing at him with a pencil

11 BC Mortavia kills a intruder with his Scimita, he leaves Silverymoon and becomes a wandering mercenary.

10 BC Rhoda is a excellent student and is a valid victorian in the class of 05

9 BC Gnomeman hears of the rumor of The Chest with a Thousand Locks and wants tof ind it to expand his dark magic abilities

8 BC Rhoda turns 16 and runs across a scroll describing a ancient Bedine Empire and keeps it with him

7 BC Jayna is a wandering wizard who trust no one

6 BC Rhoda is able to graduate early and he leaves and begins working as ana ccountant for the King of Bartho

5 BC Mortavia stays in silvery moon working as a sword maker for a local steel smith

4 BC, both Rhoda and Mortavia turn 20

3 BC The Bedine are seen as a backwards stupid people

2 BC Gnomeman is 20

1 BC Rhoda, Mortavia, Gnome Man, and 3 others all get letters and are told to come to the Silvery Moon Tavern.

0 AC The Crown is put on by Gnomeman

0 AC Gnomeman and 1 other Die at the hands of the God of Death

0 AC Mortavia and the group returns, Mortavia is a different man, he leaves the group and returns home.

4 AC he kills the cheif of Khaji in a duel and is made Chief, he introduces fire arms to the Bedine.

4 AC Rhoda and Jayna return home and get married and settle down in Phalin

5 AC The Promethian Empire is invaded by the Reapers, Ash Touchar is sent to the front

5 AC Bartholomew leads a revolution and takes over the Kingdom of Bartho and renames it to Far Far Away.

6 AC Mortavia begins the Great Holy Unification Wars and unifies the Frozen Sea and the Plains of Standing Stones

7 AC The Bedine Caliphate is unified and they begin a conquest of the neighboring Kingdoms.

8 AC Humphrey is made a Doctor at the Far Far Away University.

9 AC Jayna becomes pregnant with Rhoda II

10 AC begins to grow Groot

11 AC The World fears the Bedine, there technological Advancements have modernized the Bedine from a lowly nomadic race to a modernized Empire (Similar to the Ottomans)

11 AC Mortavia's First Wife dies without Bearing any children, Mortavia is heart broken but manages to lead the Empire.

11 AC King Bartholomew seeing a weakness in the Caliphate attacks

20 AC the Claiphate is iniatially beaten back but the Empire pushes back and the 2 nations sign white peace

21 AC Jayna becomes Pregnant with mary

21 AC Mortavia re marries

22 AC Dr. Humphrey is given permission by the Sultan of the Claiphate to lead a expedition into the Province of the Frozen Stones.

23 AC Groot speaks for the first time saying "I am Groot."

23 AC The Caliphate burns Silverymoon to the ground after the city revolts.

24 AC Bartholomew suffers a minor stroke which changes his personality entirely and he becomes more strange.

26 AC Dr. Humphrey returns from his expedition with evidence of the mythical ancient Bedine Empire

27 AC Hears a Who meets Dr. Humphrey at a Archelogical convention and the two become fast friends.

28 AC Horton develops a addiction to Apple Juice and crushed 10 stools while demanding the juice.

28 AC Dr. Horton discovers evidence of a ancient wooly mammoth civillization that was very advanced, his findings are placed in history books.

29 AC Rhoda becomes very rich and becomes a leading person on Phalin

30 AC Mortavia and his wife finally have their first Child Mortavia II, Crown Prince to the Caliphate.

31 AC Far Far Away adopts the use of Muskets after sneaking a copy of the designs out.

32 AC Far Far Away Expands theirt own Kingdom south and is seen as a possible rival to the Caliphate.

33 AC The Great River War begins between the Claiphate and Far Far Away as the Caliphate tried expandsing and annexing Far Far Away, the war turned into a Stalemate and first use of static warfare is seen here. Dr. Humphrey takes part

35 AC The Great River War ends with the Caliphate acknowloging that Far Far Away is a regional power.

36 AC The Caliphate becomes the economic capital of the continent.

37 AC and begin teaching classes at the University of Far Far Away

The next 10 years everything stays the same way for sometimes

45 AC: Neverwinter is bombed and almost totally destroyed by a follower of Cyric and his apprentice.

46 AC: The Genocide of Silverymoon occurs, with a small army of Cyric seizing the city for a month, butchering the population before a massive explosion (much like that of Neverwinter's) destroys the entirety of the city. The Apprentice (Azrael) is taken into custody, and his master's whereabouts are unknown.

47 AC The Caliphate and Kingdom of the Dales have a small conflict, ends in the caliphate moving the borders further west.

48 AC The King of Far Far Away sends invitations out to the monarchs arounds him

49 AC Ash Touchar crashes on the planet

49 AC Black Samurai leads the Empire of the Gods and declares it the Empire of Hentai and Elvish Waifus

50 AC Ash Touchar is captured and the group arrives, Dr. Humphrey and Dr. Horton head off to the Caliphate to make more progress on the Ancients but are arrested.