I trekked well ahead of my Zachary brothers. My name is Zach Quailsbane and I'm a Zackuntsman (Z-Ack-Unts-Man) and I live off the land. Today I was hired by the local Sommercarres (Som-Mer-Car-Res) town guard and builders to map a proper road. The genius Zachayor (Z-Ach-A-Yor) decided to settle a small town right dead center in Sommercarres Woods. While I agree the woods is abundant in game and timber. Along some uncommon herbs such as Oucefnip (Ouce-F-Nip) a blood red herb which when grounded up can be put in drinks and relieves a mild to serious headaches. "Ohh look what I found" some nine year old Zachary shouted. It was a small berry patch he did something that even surprised me. He asked me to come over the berries were purplish-green.

I knew right away that the berries were Cransatole (Cr-An-Sat-Ole). I nodded and said they were edible. He spit them out and said that they were sour. I chuckled I said they were edible not sweet. Some of the more adventurous town guards also tried the berries. The builders were getting impatient I sighed and showed them. What I thought would be the best path. They talked amongst themselves and agreed with me. I've been hunting and foraging in these woods since I was eight. So I know what I'm talking about. Some of the guards brought Mollinius (Mol-Lin-Ius) hounds. Great hunting dogs good sense of smell they just get fatigued quickly the older they get. The builders ordered the town guards to start paving the way to the town.

Time to show these lazy townies how I got my surname. Quietly I trailed towards the trees. Bingo I found a Eseynish Rock Quail probably the most abundant of the species. I pulled an arrow from my quiver and took aim. It was over in a instant the quail falling from the branch. I tied the dead bird to my hip. The meats good and the feathers are used for pillow matting for the lower class. From what I heard the meat vendor in Sommercarres were offering three Zackollars per quail. I live in a cottage right in the heart of the woods. I've seen and heard things that would make even a corruption order follower shiver. I also served as a hired bow for the Malice Leaf's.

They even said I was good hunter. For a Zachary that is. I heard rustling ahead of me. Jackpot it was a Eseyn Lepus-Tail. The blasted things breed like crazy. I had to be careful not to spook it. That's a seven Zackollar pelt and really tasty meal. I always carry twenty arrows. So far I've just used one. Silently I crept my hide gear blending in with the leaves. Blast I missed not giving up I fired another shot. The second shot rang true. The creature squirmed before going silent. I pulled out my hunting knife. Carefully I skinned the creature. I'm sure the furrier could sell it.

I looked at the time on the sand glass thing. It was given to me and all the guards. As the builders said they were on a tight schedule. Almost all the sand was about to fill the bottom so I headed back to the mustering ground. Before I did I cut my hand letting the blood drop on the leaves. We Zackuntsmen are superstitious so every successful hunt we offer thanks to the spirits of the woods. I finally arrived at the mustering ground. Mustering grounds are what we Zachgalish call camps or posts. Most of the dirt road was finished. Dirt roads are the easiest things to construct. I could see merchants from other realms advising the Zachary builders. The town watch Zachjeant was arguing with the Zachkoreman (Z-Ach-Kore-Man) about something.

Apparently some of the watchman hadn't came back. The Zachjeant was determined to send a search party. The Zachkoreman said they could send a search party the next day. I cleared my throat they both turned to me. "Ah Quailsbane your path is working nicely our test caravans moved perfectly". I smiled I'm not used to getting compliments. I told the Zachjeant he would get his party back. Also adding I could effectively get them back into town before nightfall. Despite my protest that I could do it on my own. I had an escort of one Mollinius and two Zachary's. The first thing I did was have the hound sniff the party leader who was a Wizagitch scarf she always left behind.

I sighed with relief that may have very well saved her party's life. Of course the woods are dangerous at night. The hound being only three was fast sniffing and trailing towards the scent. I shouted for the two Zachary's to keep up. Last thing I need is searching for two parties. After about what was maybe an hour we found the party unharmed. It was a Shadow Leaf strange they usually stay in Tinseltown I thought to myself. I said that the Zachjeant was worried about them fearing the woods claimed them. "Darling I'm afraid this is my fault" the Shadow Leaf laughed. Her companions certainly weren't laughing.

She was informed there was Shadow mushrooms at this location. Shadow mushrooms enhance a wizagitches power. I told her I know these woods well and that I'd never seen a shadow mushroom ever. With that she offered a easy way to get back too the mustering ground. She asked all of us to hold hands. We did so with great reluctance we know all to well of wizagitch magic. She mumbled something and we were teleported to the mustering ground. The ground team practically jumped at our arrival. One Zachary from my search team threw up my stomach also ached a little. She had the hound in her arms while she said the spell. Gently she placed him down she sniffed the ground.

Great the kill from my hunt were still in good shape. With everybody accounted for we all headed back to the town. Thanks to the road we trekked faster. Impressed with finding the lost party I was given twenty Zackollars in thanks. The Shadow Leaf was given a garden pot as their culture loves gardening. My other two search party was given a tankard of Zachgaland Cherry Cola and the hound was given roast chicken. The town was getting ready to retire for the night. I was able to still sell the pelt but decided to keep the meat from the quail and the lepus. Rather than brave the woods at night I decided to rent a room at the local inn. Called Simple Townie Inn. I paid the innkeeper to convert the meat into a stew and bought diet cola. While aside from the action at the end today was a typical hunt I laughed.