Nothing feels right at all
As I'm sitting here alone in the darkness
Sitting at a glaring screen
That keeps show casing words.

Trying to fill the emptiness inside
That has been building up from all these years
Yet just seem to keep pulling me back
No matter how many times I try to escape.

The water from my sight
Want to come down
Yet I pull it back
Since trying not to give into the pain.

Phone sits beside me
As blinking light keeps flashing at me
But I can't seem to make myself
Check what words have appeared.

Seems so lonely on top of the emptiness
As I try to welcome the company of it
Of not being a bother to anyone
With the mass of feelings always inside of me.

You can tell me that its okay
But whenever have any of us truly been okay
In this consistent state
Where we keep switching between so many emotions
Since we aren't sure which ones are
The right ones to be feeling….