Georgei, an average-looking 17-year-old farmer is outside in the dirt fields finishing up the day's work. Due to working closely with his family, Georgei is schooled at home and his family can only afford the most standard clothing of the time.

As the sun lowers, Georgei rakes the last of the dirt. His 40-year-old father approaches from their shack of a house and lets him know that dinner is ready. Georgei puts away the rake and follows him inside.


Georgei enters the house and washes his hands in a nearby wooden trough of water. His 40-year-old mother brings the stew and bread that she has made to the table and they all sit down to eat. As they begin to feast, Georgei informs his parents of his decision.

GEORGEI: Mother. Father. I need to tell you something. Ever since I was a boy I've had this dream of becoming a knight. This longing for that dream has reached its limit. I feel that the only way to accomplish this is to go into the city and attend knight school.

Mother and Father look at each other with a knowing gaze.

MOTHER: I remember watching you as a boy use rakes and brooms around the house to fend off imaginary villains. I believe this is what you were born to do.

FATHER: Georgei, we couldn't be more proud of you. Go to Foreignia with our blessing.


The next day, Georgei hugs his parents and says goodbye. He puts a large sack filled with clothes on the family cart and gives the horse a nudge. He waves to his family as the cart ventures down the road to Foreignia.


Georgei arrives in the busy streets of Foreignia. At every turn there is a vendor offering everything from food to weapons to clothing. Many of the vendors are lined up against the castle walls. Georgei sees a familiar face in Noll, a stocky and energetic young man about his age. Noll is dressed similarly to Georgei. The one difference would be the bright red cap that he wears to attract customers. Georgei parks the cart at Noll's food booth and dismounts.

GEORGEI: Greetings Noll.

The two friends smile and embrace.

NOLL: Georgei?! I haven't seen you in months. Are you in town for long?

GEORGEI: Hopefully. I'm here to attend knight school.

NOLL: That's fantastic! Congratulations!

GEORGEI: Thanks! How about you? How is the food market these days?

NOLL: I can't complain. I have you and your family to thank for your bountiful crop trades over the years.

GEORGEI: I'm glad that we could be of service. Speaking of helping, could you do me a favor and watch my cart while I go register at the school?

NOLL: Of course. Good luck to you.


Georgei stands at the large wooden gate awaiting a response from the guard. A small window-sized square in the middle of the gate opens and through that opening, a real knight speaks.

KNIGHT #1: Who is it? What do you want?

GEORGEI: My name is Georgei. I'm here to register to be a knight in training.

KNIGHT #1: We've got more than enough knights and to be honest, you don't look like you have what it takes.

GEORGEI: But I really do have what it takes. If you just let me in, I could prove it to you.

KNIGHT #1: Sorry lad. King Herry put me in charge of admissions and I don't believe that you could be a very good knight.

The knight shuts the opening and Georgei walks away.


Georgei and Noll lounge on the cart eating a much needed lunch of vegetable soup.

NOLL: Thanks for making the soup.

GEORGEI: Don't mention it. It was my way of thanking you for watching my things.

NOLL: So they really wouldn't let you join?

GEORGEI: No. The clothes and lack of muscle told them everything they needed to know.

NOLL: If clothes are the issue, I know a vendor who can sell you a nobleman garment for next to nothing.

GEORGEI: That's great but that knight knows what I look like.

NOLL: Why don't you talk to King Herry himself?

GEORGEI: How do you mean?

NOLL: There's been talk around the market about a banquet tonight in the castle. If you went dressed as a noble, you could get in and convince the king to let you attend knight school. Come with me.

Georgei follows Noll to one of the nearby vendors where they purchase a fashionable white and gold garment for Georgei to wear.


Georgei enters the ballroom and cannot help but admire the extravagant green tapestries. The light from the enormous golden chandelier engulfs the entire room. Tables containing various cuisines occupy the space from one side of the room to the next. A hundred people or so dressed in the finest garments are either having enlightened conversation or are dancing in the center of the room.

As Georgei takes it all in, he notices a beautiful girl approaching him from afar. Her face is smooth and her twinkling green eyes are latched onto his equally engaging blue eyes. Her thin lips surround her perfect smile. Her wavy brown hair reaches down to her shoulders. Her silky blue gown covers every part of her slim figure except for her neck and collarbone. Around her neck hangs a silver necklace. Once she is in front of him, Georgei bows in response to her curtsey.

CATELINE: Hello Sir. I'm Cateline. I've been greeting the guests and have seen many familiar faces except for yours.

GEORGEI: (stuttering) That's because I just moved here. My name is Georgei.

CATELINE: Well Georgei, it's very nice to meet you.

Music begins playing and Georgei thinks that it's in his head.

CATELINE: (extends her hand) Would you care to dance?

Georgei agrees and the two join the other couples in a waltz.

CATELINE: (leading the waltz) So are you a nobleman?

GEORGEI: (whispering) Actually, I have a confession to make. I know I'm dressed that way but I'm actually a farmer.

CATELINE: (whispering back) Don't worry. I won't tell my father. He is a bit more cautious of who attends these things, but you seem pretty harmless.

Georgei becomes more nervous than before but subtly regains his composure.

GEORGEI: I'll take that as a compliment. I actually came here to speak with your father about joining knight school but dancing with you is amazing.

CATELINE: (laughing) Why thank you. You're not so bad yourself.

Suddenly, one of the large windows shatters, making way for a massive dragon to come charging into the castle. A knight screams out the creature's name at the top of his lungs. Dragoslav is bright orange with brown scales that cover its entire body. The beast knocks over countless people with its tail and wings and wreaks havoc wherever it flies. It swoops down and grabs King Herry with one of its hands and looks around for some type of exit.

Georgei promptly grabs a sword from an unconscious knight and stands near a wall with a few others attempting to challenge the beast. It flies towards them and the group succeed at lightly poking it with their swords. They are unexpectedly knocked over by Dragoslav's tail as it crashes through a castle wall. Georgei watches it fly away as he drifts into an unconscious state.