Light begins to form in the cavern as everyone adjusts to being in the dark. A wall of torches comes into view and they follow them to find out how deep the cave goes. In the distance, they see a bright section of the cave and hear a loud voice emerging from there. The three hide behind a large stone where they see King Herry alive but bound and gagged.

The evil wizard Dalibor taunts him with a passion. Dalibor has long silver white hair with a matching beard that covers most, if not all, of his face. He wears a black and blue cloak with gold trim. On the back of this cloak is a drawing of a dragon.

Noll suddenly has the urge to sneeze. Georgei and Cateline grab him and try to prevent this. Noll loses the urge and everyone is relieved. Georgei leans back against the stone and it unexpectedly moves, alerting Dalibor of their presence. Dalibor magically hoists the three of them into the air and ties them to a nearby rock pillar.

DALIBOR: (addressing the king) So, your loyal subjects have come to rescue you. The dragon apparently wasn't enough of a message for them.

CATELINE: And excommunication apparently wasn't enough of a message for you Dalibor.

DALIBOR: (getting angry) Now you listen here young lady. I'm a citizen of Foreignia. I have just as much right to live there as everybody else.

CATELINE: Not when your magic is hurting innocent people in the streets.

DALIBOR: (getting more angry) You better be careful Princess. I may just have to silence that pretty mouth for good.

GEORGEI: (furious) Don't you lay a finger on her!

DALIBOR: (laughing) How are you going to stop me O brave knight?

GEORGEI: Listen Dalibor! I'm the one who said we should go look for the king. If you're going to harm anyone, I'm the one you want.

DALIBOR: This isn't even your concern boy. This is between me and the royal family.

GEORGEI: (pleading) Then allow me to act as a mediator. King Herry obviously feels he had just cause for banishing you from the kingdom. You feel like you were cheated and now you're looking for someone to pay the price. Let me be that person.

DALIBOR: I don't think you realize just how much power I possess. If I wanted you to be dead, it would've already happened.

GEORGEI: Then how about a challenge? Since I'm not a proper knight, I challenge you to a duel. My sword against your magic. If I win, you have to let us all go free. If you win, you kill me and they all go free.

Cateline and Noll are both horrified at the thought of potentially losing their closest friend.

DALIBOR: (pondering) Your tenacity intrigues me. Alright boy, I will agree to those terms.

Dalibor pulls Georgei from his bonds and creates a sword for him to use. Dalibor also creates two glowing blades that represent the magic he possesses. The two men stand at proper fencing positions and Dalibor gives the call to attack. Their blades clash swiftly and loudly as both men attempt to remain untouched by the other.

This battle ensues for close to one minute until Dalibor knocks the sword from Georgei's hands. Georgei falls to the ground giving Dalibor the upper hand. The wizard promptly positions himself for one final blow. Suddenly, knights storm the cavern and one of the them tackles Dalibor. The knight holds his sword to Dalibor's throat as the other knights untie everyone else.

CATELINE: How did you find us?

KNIGHT #3: We started following you shortly after you first left and when your horses came back without you, we assumed that Dragoslav had you. We slayed the creature and then one of us found the pit.

A knight removes the gag from King Herry's mouth and he approaches Georgei.

KING HERRY: Young man, for the amount of bravery that you have shown today, I would be honored to officially make you a knight.

GEORGEI: Thank you Your Highness. It would honor me to serve in your kingdom.

As the knights escort the defeated Dalibor out of the cavern, the eyes of Georgei and Cateline meet. Cateline drapes her arms around Georgei's neck and Georgei's hands touch Cateline's waist.

CATELINE: I guess you got what you wanted my knight in shining armor.

They both smile as their lips lock for the first magical time.