School Day

The sun shines bright

The breeze starts to flow


Rush, rush, rush

Breakfast time

Rush, rush, rush

Jump on the bus

Watch everyone joke around

Breaking rules,


Up 'till final stop

When we unload

At the bus loop

Walking up, shoving and pushing

Crunching on half-eaten granola bars

Talking and whispering

Spreading gossip left and right

Teachers watch us closely

Afraid we're some kind of monsters

The stares follow us

As we walk to our lockers

Reading comes first,

The kids avoid and ignore us

As though we are invisible

They avoid touching us

It's like we have the cooties

I pick up my book,

And start reading

And catch the stares in the corner of my eyes

Soon enough, the bell rings,

And we are released into the a world of stares

Cautiously, I make my way to math

Eyes quickly catching on me

And turning right away

Instead of math,

I run to the bathroom

Only to look in the mirror

And see my messed up face

The center of teasing





So I smile