Detective Jack Russel Arived on the Scean with a cigar in his mouth "I am hear to solve this case and it whill be solved" Detevie Jack Russel said. "But I am on lunch break for donots" said the lazy fat police cheif who was eating. "THere is not tim for lunch we must stop the creal killer" said detetive Jack Russel and they had to go.

The arrived at murder secne were a man had bean killered with a nife, "who did it" said a gut "We will have to find out but I have hiunch that we know who it is" said detiective Jack Russel because he saw that the fingerprint were of a hunchback and that cold only mean that it was the hunchback that did it because he was vreated by dr fraknestine in an evil experiment.

"We know where to find him" detective Jack Russel sayed and he went to his office but there was a realy hot red headed dame there waiting for him "OH detective Russel" she say "I have a information for you" she said again. So she made a date for them to meat and track down the hunchback madman.

So that night thay had nice itlaina dinner and wnet to a hotel room and had sax. He felt her amzing boobies and they did great sex all night long. Then next day she made clue for him to find the hunnch back seacrate hideout but she was captured by an evil man.

So Detective JAck Russel followed clues and found she had beene taken to the town cathirdal was going to be thorwn of so he went and fort all the badguys until he got to teh top. Than he fort the mintour and the horsemen and he found the munchback who had her dangerling by a rope the was being burned with a candle and it was almost going to break so he used tactics to save her.

Than he for with the humanchback and the desicse fell of and it was realy the mayor "I was only trying to be reelcected" said the mayor "tough luck saaid Destective Jack Russel and he beat him and then sadi "take him away boys" and the police had the mayor arrested.

"OH Jack Russel" the hot woman said and they had great sex again

Teh End

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