The cold winter air burned Josiah mune's lungs. that was the worst thing about Alaskan winters, the cold, thin, air.

"It could be worse," he thought to him self. "Could be humid." That was the best thing about Alaskan winters, the distinct lack of moisture in the atmosphere.

Jo heard a noise, and looked down from the tall tree he was sitting in, the pack of wolves still there, waiting patiently for jo to climb down. "Bloody hell!" He yelled, Trying, for the hundredth time, to scare the monsters. But to no avail. Jo checked his pockets, again. All he found was his folding knife and... A lighter! He broke off as many rotten branches as he could find, and lit them on fire. He then threw the little projectiles at the hungry wolf pack! The hairy abominations scattered like roaches. Jo claimed down the tree, and was careful not the step on the flames, that now threatened his safety as much as they had threatened the wolves. "This was a dumb idea," he thought to himself. (He was referring to more than just the fire) "running into the woods, looking for a crashed UFO. What am i? Some kind of loser with to much time on my hands?" But if Jo was honest, thats exactly what he was.

Suddenly, he cot a whiff of... something. What ever it was, it was horrific. Like a rotten carcass, gasoline, and rotten eggs. Despite how wretched the miasma was, he thought it may lead to the UFO. Of course he didn't really believe. (Or at least that's what he told himself.) But he followed the pungent stench. It led him to exactly what he didn't want to admit he was hoping for.

He couldn't discern what the green insectoid form was right a way, but as soon as he knew what he was looking at, the feeling was nearly impossible to describe. It was a combination of shock, joy, anger, and others. How would you feel if you discovered that life was, (at least in part,) a lie? And that (at least a few of) the crazy people on the internet, who you regularly criticized, are right? But nonetheless, he, josiah mune, was looking at an alien space ship!