The alien reluctantly showed Jo to the ship. It had a rigid, factory, line look to it. The overall shape was that of a sphere, but it lacked a central thruster. Instead it had six (relatively) small thrusters evenly distributed around the equator of the elephant sized metal sphere. Josiah was no rocket scientist, but he was smart enough. And as far as he could tell, it was a ship that was likely not the fastest, nor did it seem to be built with tork in mind, but it was probably quite maneuverable.

"How fast is it?" Asked jo.

"I'd rather not divulge, if you'd be so kind." Said the alien.

The feelings of tyrannical glee that jo experienced when he first put on the ring were beginning to subside, so he was willing to take a few pictures and scram.

After a few modifications, the "news" article was ready to publish, and no sooner did he pres the send button, than did $1000 enter his bank account. It wasn't as much as he would like to be making, but it was almost enough to satisfy him.