The Twilight of the Gods. Ragnarok. The event that foretold the end of the world in Norse mythology. They say that the Norse Gods new it and accepted their fates, but what of the other pantheons? They all knew that they could never intervene with the problems of other pantheons so they made no effort to stop them. All except one group. The Greek Gods and Goddesses of Mt. Olympus refused to accept the end of the world they know so they came up with a plan.

To interfere with Ragnarok, and to save the world.

But alas both the Norn's and the Fates did not make it as easy as that.

They attempted to fight with the gods of Norse, but the Norse tried to reject them with the idea that destiny can't be changed. But destiny was changed. But not for the better.

The King of Olympus, Zeus attempted to fight along with the King of Asgard, Odin against the demon wolf, Fenrir. Together they managed to slay the beast but they were gravely wounded to the point that they were inches away from death.

Ares the god of war and Athena, the lady of wisdom decided to fight together with Thor despite their hatred of each other. But they too were poisoned by the world serpent Jormungand along with Thor.

Tyr was joined by the huntress Artemis against the Guardian dog of Hel, Garm. But Garm was not alone because he was backed by the watchdog of the Underworld, Cerberus. At that moment they came to a realization that Hades had sided with the Giants, but they couldn't tell anyone because they were challenged to battle against the two watchdogs of their respective underworlds. Tyr against Garm, and Artemis against Cerberus. Tyr killed Garm at the cost of his life, like he was fated to, and Artemis prevailed against her battle with Cerberus, but greatly weakened.

Frey was joined by the archer Apollo and the blacksmith of the gods, Hephaestus, going against Surt. They fought a long and hard battle with Surt's flame being ineffective against Frey and Hephaestus, and being unable to lay a hand on the far away archer, Apollo. But they all fell due to the lack of skill Frey and Hephaestus had in battle compared to Surt. And Surt managed to land a devastating blow to Apollo when he got close enough to. Surt managed to live but the three gods were nearly dead and Surt chose not to finish them off, for he wanted to save his power for his final flame.

The watchmen Heimdall was aided by Hermes the messenger of the gods and the Lord of the sea, Poseidon. They would have won against Loki if he was fighting all of them, but someone they didn't expect joined the fray. It was Hades the eldest son of the Titan Cronus, and Lord of the underworld. He was resentful towards his family for not giving him a throne and loathing him for his domain, and Loki resented both Asgard and Vanaheim for killing his children and chaining him with their entrails. They together decided to fight against the groups that were once like family but now were their most hateful enemies.

The battle between the group of three against the hated and feared Duo was a long and glorious one. Poseidon managed to deal a great wound to Hades with a cut that went from the bottom of his stomach to his right eye. But the battle of the two brothers was the only one that was going well for the Asgardians side. Loki was more powerful than Heimdall despite the fact they were destined to kill each other. Loki knew the only way he was going to be killed by Heimdall was not by his sword, but through something else. But even with Hermes's help they couldn't hope to win against him in battle.

But unknown to Loki Hermes doused his weapon in poison in case he couldn't win in battle. And Loki started feeling the effects of the might poison, but he didn't care. He decided at that moment that his last act on the world will be killing Hermes and Heimdall. And with the poison running through his body he made his last act and greatly injured them leaving no doubt of their impending deaths.

But the battle between the two brothers had yet to end. Despite his wound Hades was still holding his own against his younger brother. But the battle soon came to an end with both striking each other down.

But the battle was far from over. Surt was alive and still had enough power to burn the world tree to ashes. He then proceeded to start burning everything at the cost of his own life. The gods who were glad of their victory and who barely hanged on to life were then filled with despair, at the fact that everything they did was rendered pointless when they realized that Surt was burning down the World Tree, Yggdrasil as he was fated to. But then both the fates and Norn's decided to stop the battles with their power over destiny.

The battle that was once Norse and had been intervened by the Greeks was called to a halt. Both trio's of fate decided that the sacred battle was defiled by involving both Pantheons. They then as a whole, made a decision.

"All Greek and Norse gods will be stripped of their bodies. Their powers and souls will merge with a compatible human. That is your fate. Accept it!"

That was decided and every god in the Greek Pantheon and The gods and giants of the Norse Pantheon were stripped of their bodies. Even the ones who had fallen were resurrected and made to do this.

"The sacred war known as Ragnarok is now no more. The battles between the Gods and Jotunn will now no longer be under our control."

The Fates and Norns then disappeared leaving every soul for itself, and one by one each soul began to disappear.