I've posted the first several chapters in my book. I hope you all have been enjoying it so far. I'll keep you no longer, enjoy the chapter!

Rays of sunlight peaked over the mountain reaching out towards Scarlet. As the sun rose higher and higher the rays moved over her slender body until it reached her sleeping eyes.

Scarlet woke up to sunlight reflecting off the river next to her. With a shiver she stood up and collected the satchel and the firewood from the night before. 'I might need this later on. You can never be too careful,' she thought. Once that was done Scarlet began heading down the mountain once again.

She stayed near to the river, hoping that the cover from the trees will shield her from the sun and from anyone on the road. 'I don't want to meet anyone until I reach either a town, or a house,' Scarlet thought to herself.

'This girl is smart, hopefully she will continue to make good choices. But, did I do the right thing in sending her towards the very town and tower that brought her here. She must be careful, for both our sakes,' I thought.

Scarlet knew that her plan had many flaws, and that it would be hard for her to follow it the letter. Back in the 24th century she had many friends, they had done many daring stunts together. "Well this is the ultimate stunt," Scarlet mumbled, "I must survive for as long as possible. To make sure I make the most of…of... my new life here."

'I wonder why the men choose her. She is very different then you stereotypical 'girl in the tower'. She isn't weak, helpless, or a princess. It doesn't make any sense,' I thought.

Scarlet shook her head as she continued down the mountain. As she rounded the corner, Scarlet spotted a town nestled in the valley between the two mountains. "If I can see them, they may be able to see me. I must find a way to approach without the locals seeing me," Scarlet mused. Looking around she noticed that if she kept on the far side of the river, the view of the town would be partly obstructed.

The next several hours were hard on Scarlet, trying to keep out of sight while staying near to the river, but finally she made it.

Scarlet peered out through the trees towards the town. She noticed the large open gates that permitted traffic flow into the city. Deciding to trust that there were no flaming arrows, or something similar, pointed at her, Scarlet left her hiding place and walked as confidently as possible in the fading light.

It didn't take her long to reach, and enter into the town. The sight that greeted her was not what she had been expecting to find in the 21st century.

Rows upon rows of small cottage style houses greeted her with marigolds in the flowerbeds in the windows. The stream that she had been following down the mountain wound its way through the town, allowing crops to grow. Large apple trees lined the roads that wind through the town.

The beauty of the place was offset by the foreboding Scarlet felt as she entered the town. On the far side of the town Scarlet

noticed a tower different than the rest. It was one of the many that surrounded a castle. It's walls were radiating a power within.

She knew that place was what haunted every girl's dreams, and kept every young man awake at night.