Ground Level:

There's a man sitting on the dock. The person holding the camera is hiding in the dark green and dead brown bush. The camera shakes a little as if the person is crawling while filming trying to get a closer look.

Over the shoulder:

The man comes in a closer view. Thin, light brown hair, thick black glasses and green eyes that match the trees. He is about 25 years old with a long lean body. Wearing monochromatic clothing he fades in with the background.

High Angle:

His knees are pulled up towards his chest, long arms wrapped around himself. He lets go and unfolds revealing the bloody scuff marks on the toe of his shoes, and splatters of blood on his clothing and face, a highlight of blood in his bangs.


You can see mixed in with the shiny blue lake water, is blood.

Long Shot:

The wind is starting to pick up and it's making the trees dance before him.

Extreme Close Up:

There are fish opening and closing their lips below the man while he stares down at them; his shadow is casting a dark cloud above. There are thousands: reds, blues, yellows, all squirming around below and above each other, trying to get somewhere. The colors of their scales are being disrupted when they swim into the bloody water.

Tilt Shot:

He's agitated and finds a mosquito filling up on his blood.

Low Angle Shot:

He smacks it. Blood is all over his hand.

Low Angle Shot: Tilt Shot

He strips and washes the blood off of his clothes and body, making sure not to miss any spots.

Over The Shoulder Shot:

The bloody water drifts downstream and away from him.

Medium Range:

The clothes are tight and clingy after being wet. The fabric making a slapping noise when he pulls the shirt on over his head and it lands on his hairy stomach.

Birds Eye Shot:

Leaving no remains, there is no blood is left on the dock, There are no remnants that he was ever there. Nature has cleaned his mess.

Ground Level Shot:

There's black chunks of gravel and cement underneath his feet when he comes to. He's standing in front of a Walmart building now. The sun is bright in his eyes.

Extreme Close Up:

He do not know how he got from the dock to this place. A look of confusion painted on his face.

Tilt Shot:

He looks down at his shirt and shoes; there are still pink wavy stains on his clothes where the dark red splatters used to be.

Eye Level Shot:

He buys a matching set of black clothing; a polo and sneakers. He walks up to the register.

Eye Level Shot:

The cashier smiles and he halfheartedly waves back.

Tilt Shot:

He reaches into his pocket and retrieves a crinkly soggy twenty dollar bill in his pocket.

Over The Shoulder Shot:

He hands it to her before realizing there's blood on the nose of the man on the bill. He yanks the bill back from the cashier and it rips in half.

High Angle Shot:

He's sopping off the blood and hands it back, apologizing.

Pan: Eye Level Shot:

He avoids eye contact. He gives no excuses for the blood.


He's trying to hide his blood stained shoes.

Jump scene: Ground Level Shot:

He's back at the lake. Someone is watching him from the bushes again. They watch as he takes the clothes out of the bag and replaces them with his wet bloody ones. They watch his naked body put on the new ones while he's stretched out on the dock.

Ground Level Shot:

There are half a dozen cops surrounding the area and men in white plastic jumpsuits, and men in black jackets with lettering on the back that no one can make out.

High Angle Shot:

Hands are clammy, breathing is restricted, leg is shaking,

Handheld Shot:

He's found his abandoned truck.

Ground Level Shot:

A man in a blue shirt knocks on the passenger side window ordering the man to lower it. He asks for identification, but the man shakes his head. He asks for his name, but the man does not remember. The officer asks how he got here; he says "I do not remember."

Jump scene: Flashback: Ground Level Shot:

The man is on the lake. He's going fishing when a man with blonde hair and who is much shorter, appears in front of him. His back is facing the camera.

Jump scene: Flashback: Tilt: Extreme Close Up:

The blonde haired man was underneath the dock, blood beginning to pool around him and mix with the lake water.

Jump scene: Flashback: Ground Level Shot: Eye Level:

The first man is sitting on top of the dock curled up around himself; the dock surrounded with bloody lake water.

Jump scene: Present: Ground Level Shot: Low Angle Shot:

The man is standing outside of his truck, and towering over the police officer who is about a foot shorter than him.

Jump scene: Present: Pan Shot: High Angle Shot:

The authorities are dragging the blonde haired man out of the lake.

Jump scene: Present: Extreme Close Up:

The man in the body bag is as white as a sheet; he's lost his entire blood volume. His forehead has a six inch long laceration that goes all the way to his skull. His eyes are still open and show petechiae.

Jump scene: Present: Ground Level Shot:

The first man is being taken away in handcuffs. He's screaming "I don't remember!"

Bird's Eye: Aerial Shot:

The police car is driving away from the scene. The camera angle goes farther away as the car moves forward, with the man who is the only suspect in it.

The screen gets darker as the camera angle pulls away.

Left behind is another man sitting on the dock. This man is also covered in blood.

On his lap, is a camera.

The End.