"ALL PERSONNEL TAKE IMMEDIATE EVAC ROUTES" blared from the PA system throughout the station.

Rana and Orion had barely made their way out of the mess hall, doing their best to avoid bits of debris raining down from the ceiling above them. Rana's ears were ringing from what sounded like a bomb going off somewhere in the station.

"Rana, where are we going?" Orion questioned, his voice filled with concern.

The fresh wound in his right thigh made it hard to keep up with her, warm blood seeping through the tan brown pant leg of his uniform.

"We have to find the Captain!" Rana responded quickly, she grabbed Orion's arm, draping it across her shoulders and wrapping her arm around his waist to support him as he shifted his weight to his good leg.

"I'm not leaving you to those bastards," She grunted as she struggled to support her friend.

Orion was roughly four inches taller than her and twice her size, he was moderately muscular and very lean. Rana was unsure if it was from all their exercise training or he was just naturally well built.

The long corridor ahead of them was littered with fallen debris, blood spattered against the glistening white tile floors and walls from injured or dying, Rana wished she could stop and help her fallen cadets but she had to keep Orion safe.

"If we can get to the Captain, we'll be able to escape without them following us," She said hopefully, unable to mask the dread in her voice.

"Help! Please!"

"I need help, somebody!" a weak, scared voice cried out.

"That's the Captain!" Rana exclaimed, rushing towards the voice.

Captain Yassho was huddled on the floor behind a broken and battered Guard Mech, a visible wound in her left arm she had managed to tourniquet with shredded fabric from her torn uniform.

"Oh Rana, Orion... Thank the stars you two found me," Yassho exclaimed quietly, carefully standing to her feet.

"I need to get to my quarters, I must get something before we can leave," Captain Yassho continued softly.

"We'll try to you get there, I haven't seen anymore of these enemies," Rana responded nervously, she hated to sound intimidated in front of her commanding Captain.

"Have you seen Lieutenant Nesh'e in any of this?"

Rana slowly shook her head in response.

"Hopefully she's safe somewhere," Yassho let out a concerned sigh.

Rana and Orion walked on either side of the Captain in hopes of shielding her from an unexpected ambush.

"They captured my cadet..." Yassho cried softly after some time of walking along the main corridor.

"Did you see them? What are these things?" Orion asked, glancing sideways at Yassho

"They were unlike anything the Federation has dealt with before, I honestly didn't recognize what they were,"

"I'd gone to check my Comms. to reach out to anyone still alive, next thing I hear is Shiea screaming for help as they dragged her from the Board room," Yassho explained.

They could hear faint noises coming from somewhere behind them, it sounded like the aliens chatter.

"Can you make out what they're saying, Rana?" Orion questioned, giving her a knowing look.

Rana was fluent in several different alien languages, all of them had at least three distinct dialects.

"It sounds like Ry'ealic but the dialect is rougher, may be a subspecies of Ry'ealise,"

"I only understood the words for soldier and captive," Rana answered, feeling her stomach sink at the realization of what that meant.

"I think they're talking about Shiea… You said they captured her,"

"We could try and rescue her if they haven't left the station yet," Rana said, a sudden rush of adrenaline coming over her.

"Rana, no… I will not allow you to risk your safety," Yassho relied sternly.

"If we can get to my room I can send a message to the General on the surface," Yassho added.

"With all due respect, Captain, but you taught us to always help our own..."

"If I can stop a fellow cadet from being interrogated, or worse, I have to try," Rana responded shortly, not seeking permission from the Captain.

"Orion, help the Captain to her quarters and send a distress call to the surface,"

"I'll find Shiea and come back for you, promise," She looked between Orion and Yassho.

Rana left her friend and their Captain in the entryway of the corridor, as she made her way down the side hall towards the right of the main corridor, scanning for any signs of life, human or otherwise with the visor over her right eye that detected heat signals.

"We should be clear from here, come on," Orion gestured for the Captain to follow him down the corridor that led them towards the Captain's quarters.

"I cannot thank you enough for helping me, if you hadn't found me I probably wouldn't have survived much longer,"

"I sincerely hope Rana doesn't get herself in trouble, that girl is too stubborn sometimes..."

"I believe she'll find your cadet, Rana may be stubborn but she's one of the best cadets in her squadron," Orion said reassuringly as he allowed himself to rest in the plush armchair sat beside the door.

Yassho let out a sigh of relief before rushing over to her desk, typing a code into the holographic keyboard illuminated on the desk's surface as a thin, see-through screen rose out of a hidden compartment inside the desk, displaying the interior of what Orion could only assume was the General's office.

"Captain Yassho Diadranna requesting permission to speak with General Vy'kallis,"

"I repeat, this is Captain Yassho Diadranna requesting permission to speak with General Vy'kallis," Yassho announced herself.

A rather rugged looking tall man with dark brown hair and bright green eyes, dressed in uniform came into view of the screen.

"General Vy'kallis speaking, how are you Captain?" He greeted in a low, deep voice.

"My station and crew have been attacked by an unknown species, sir,"

"Cadet Rana Ph'allen and Orion Lynne found and helped me to my quarters, my own cadet has been taken captive by hostiles," Yassho explained calmly, despite her heart pounding in her ears from adrenaline.

"I fear we may be the only few to survive the unwarranted attack, do we have your permission to come down to the surface?" She inquired.

Orion watched hesitantly as he and the Captain waited for a response from the General.

"Captain, you have my permission to join us here on the surface," Vy'kallis grunted, nodding towards the screen.

"Sir, cadet Rana has gone in search of my personal cadet..."

"On our way to my quarters, she heard the hostiles talking about a captive and insisted on trying to rescue her alone," Yassho explained hesitantly, unsure of how the General would react.

"I shall send a rescue team as quickly as possible to aid in the rescue, then they will escort you to the surface," Vy'kallis spoke after several seconds of tense silent.

"Yes, General. We await their arrival," Yassho saluted.

She turned from the display screen to look at Orion sitting by the door.

"You know how to handle a blaster, I imagine, cadet Orion?"

Orion nodded in response, slowly standing from his spot by the door.