Ellisa gestured towards the metal double doors that led into the Med bay.

"Thank you," Rana and Shiea said almost in unison as they pushed open the doors, stepping inside the pristine white room, blue accents broke up the glistening white tile floor and walls.

Rana spotted Orion propped up in one of the medical beds, his thigh wrapped in fresh bandages. She smiled faintly at the young man when their eyes met.

"Rana, you're safe… I was so worried," He announced as he motioned for her to come closer.

"I'm alright, Orion, and thankful you've been taken care of," Rana leaned in, gently hugging him around his neck.

"I found Shiea,"

"Is she okay? Was she hurt?" Orion questioned, turning his neck to look at the petite brunette standing at the opposite side of the room.

"She's fine," Rana replied smiling softly.

"Where's the Captain?" She added, suddenly aware their Captain wasn't laid up in a bed with Orion.

"Oh, she's with some soldiers talking about getting us to the surface," Orion explained, a sudden look of concern on his face.

Rana could sense Orion wasn't in the best condition to travel such a long distance, but she also knew staying on the station wasn't their best option either. She wondered if Orion could be put in Cryo-stasis while they were transported to the surface.

"I'm fine Rana, my leg wasn't infected, I can handle the journey..." He announced, as if he had somehow read Rana's mind.

"Ask the nurse if you don't believe me," He added, noticing the field nurse walking towards his bed from somewhere behind the sanitary curtain draped between his bed and the rest of the Med bay.

Rana looked up to see the nurse, who was a rather tall, dark skinned man with broad shoulders and an unmistakable buzz cut, wearing blue-green scrubs and a paper mask obscuring the bottom half of his face.

"Please tell my friend here I'll be able to travel with her to the surface," Orion pleaded to the nurse.

"Of course you'll be able to, I just need to give you another dose of antibiotics and secure your bandage," the man's voice was slightly muffed by the mask covering his mouth.

He held up the small syringe in his hand before removing the plastic safety cap, gesturing for Orion's arm with his free hand.

Orion held out his arm for the nurse, his other hand suddenly squeezing Rana's for comfort as the nurse injected the antibiotics into his upper arm.

"There, now to secure that leg for transport," the nurse said warmly to the both of them, turning towards a set of drawers filled with an assortment of medical supplies.

"See? Told you I was good to go," Orion let out a soft chuckle, his hand still holding onto Rana's.

The nurse stepped around the bed to stand beside Rana, holding up what looked like a rolled up sheet of plastic, he gently draped the material across Orion's leg and began to wrap it around the gauze bandage.

Orion and Rana watched carefully as the plastic suddenly started to tighten, inflating slowly as it neatly sealed itself over the bandaging on Orion's leg.

"There, that should further prevent any bacteria from getting in and infecting the wound; though I do recommend changing the gauze whenever you get to the surface," the nurse explained, nodding to Rana.

"I'll drag him to the nearest Med bay if I have to," Rana chuckled, nudging Orion's shoulder.

"What about the Captain, is her arm going to be okay?" She continued, glancing up at the nurse.

"She's very lucky I got to her in time, any longer and she might have lost it,"

"Though, if she's not careful, that still may be a real possibility I'm afraid," He answered, his expression more serious now.

"We'll keep an eye on her," Orion said quietly, a look of concern furrowing his brow.

Rana squeezed Orion's hand before releasing it to go talk to Ellisa, who was still standing by the wall near the doors.

"How's your friend, is he going to keep his leg?" Ellisa inquired, noticing Rana approaching her.

"Yes, his leg has been cleaned and bandaged, all ready for the surface,"

"By the way, how exactly was your team able to get here so quickly? Its quite a trip from the surface," Rana responded curiously.

"Oh, our ship was only a couple jumps from here,"

"We were in the middle of a scouting mission, when we got the distress call from General Vy'kallis," Ellisa explained shortly, smiling at Rana.

"When will we be able to get that transport to the surface?"

"Shouldn't much longer, once your Captain is finished speaking with the General, we should be good to go,"

"I can ask for a Medical escort for your friend, I doubt he wants to be walking on that leg right now," Ellisa responded sweetly.

Rana looked up into her amber eyes, she noticed small specks of silver swirling in the edges of the amber.

"Is there anything else?" Ellisa spoke softly, shaking Rana out of her daze.

"Uh… No, no, that was all," Rana smiled, mentally punishing herself for staring at the woman.

"I…" She began but quickly stopped herself before she said something idiotic.

She hurried back across the room to where Orion was still laid up in bed, her cheeks flushed from embarrassment.

"Everything okay, Ra?" Orion inquired noticing Rana's rosy cheeks.

"What? Yeah, just fine..." She partially lied, wondering if Orion had overheard her conversation with Ellisa.

Captain Yassho unexpectedly appeared from behind the privacy curtain that sealed off the rest of the Med bay to prying eyes.

Rana noticed her injured arm was now covered in the same plastic material the nurse had wrapped Orion's leg with, supported by a sling.

"Captain?" Shiea suddenly spoke, looking up at the older woman as she stood from a chair sitting beside Orion's bed.

"Shiea… Oh, my wonderful girl!" Yassho exclaimed happily, walking over to the younger woman before embracing her tightly with her good arm.

"I thought I'd never see you again, I had thought the worst happened..." Yassho admitted quietly, hugging the smaller woman to her chest.

"Thank the stars you saved her, cadet Rana,"

"How could I possibly repay you," She continued as she slowly released Shiea from her embrace.

"I was simply doing my duty, Captain," Rana offered with a small smile.

"Ma'am?" Ellisa approached Captain Yassho, her expression stern as she held a hand up to her right ear.

"Yes?" Yassho responded.

"One of the Techs on board our vessel has announced the presence of a hostile ship approaching the station, we're to evacuate your crew and get to the surface, immediately," Ellisa explained.

"Then please lead the way," Yassho gestured for Ellisa to show them where to go.

"Rana, you and Shiea help Orion up,"

"We've no time to wait for a Medical escort," Yassho ordered, looking at the two younger women.

"Yes ma'am!" Rana and Shiea quickly and carefully helped Orion to his feet, putting their arms under his to help support his weight, not allowing him to stand on the injured leg.

Ellisa and the field nurse ushered the small group out of the Med bay and down the corridor to where their Scouting vessel awaited.