Dear Mr. Sandman,

I'm getting tired of your visits.

You never clean up after yourself.

You leave all these scraps lying around.

Please, next time you visit, don't leave anything of yours with me.



The sandman.

He doesn't clean up after himself

He leaves all these scraps behind him

They are lovely at first.

You hold on to them like a child would a teddy bear.

But you can't bring them outside.


They clutter up your room,

Making it hard to move about

And eventually there comes a day when you decide to throw them out.

You do, or at least,

You thought you did, but they come back.

And when they come to you again,

Bon app├ętit,

Because they won't be leaving anytime soon.

You might as well get used to the scraps that the Sandman leaves behind him.

You might as well learn to function like a normal human being,

because as much as you wished they could do something for you in reality, they can't.