I am Alone

I walk dully through an empty space

The world is an object.

There are people there,

But they mean nothing to me.

I have a funny thought,

And turn to share it,

But realizing that there's no one to share it with,

I retreat back into myself.

I say hi

And the empty space responds to me.

I know no one's name.

Once in awhile,

I reach out of the bubble

That separates me from

Every living thing

I am not well equipped to deal with living things

I cannot talk to them

Without misunderstanding

We speak two different languages


"I heard you talking yesterday,

I thought you spoke english?


oh...Ok, then..."

I draw attention to myself

Hoping my talents will make people like me

Only to push them back when it becomes personal

The word "I"

Is all I know

I can't seem to learn other words.

I can't seem to learn other ways.

But I'm a good person.

I am interesting.

I am talented.

I am compassionate.

I am not shy.

I am scared.

I am alone.

What are you?