Nobody knows who I am

I wear a mask

One filled with sadness

I'm known as the girl who smiles

The girl who's as bright as the sun

The one who's "too happy"

I wear it so nobody will see

Who I really am

Filled to the brim

With emotions

My mask is a wig

They know I was out for forever

They never guessed why

Never knew how close I came

With my disease

That could have killed me

With its overwhelming force

Its smell of death

But I just have to accept it

My "new look"

The "happy girl"

Who really is

Just bald

'Cause I had cancer

And nobody knows

I might just unveil

My head to the world

So I went to school

With my wig off

Everyone stared at me

I was a freak,

But when they found out

I had cancer,

They stopped teasing

And began to accept who I was

Smiles on their faces

And on mine

Ever since that day

Others have learned

About my past

And they actually cared

So, now we have an annual

Cancer Prevention Week

We dress in pink

Donate money

Cut our locks of love

Invite cancer students

In our doors

Just to see smiles