"What a day. I am so ready for a bottle of wine and the leftover cake from your sisters wedding."

The hum of the fridge and empty middle shelf were what greeted her when she opened the door, the dull yellow light illuminating the hollow space. It was gone.

She tensed, back straightening at the unfortunate sight.

"Hun, did you, by chance, eat the rest of the cake I was saving?"

Her voice carried to the kitchen table and piqued his interest from his papers. It had him uncrossing his legs and sitting up straight at the firmness of her tone, the slight inflection of irritation.

His hands started to tingle, heat flaring in his cheeks. "Uhh, yeah? I mean yes."

The seal of the fridge closing was the only resonating sound in response. He ate the last piece of cake. She glanced across the counter, eyes playful to see the reaction from her companion.

By the smirk on his face, she could tell it was an invitation to excite her base desire into giving him his just desserts.

"Oh love, didn't I tell you that I was saving it for tonight?"

She could see him squirm in the chair, his lips parted and plump.

"I'm sorry babe, I must have forgot."

An eyebrow raised in response, "Oh you forgot did you. Well, there must be something I can do to make sure you don't forget next time."

The tension was thick and she could feel heat bloom along her skin, on the palms of her hands.

"Can you think of anything that might persuade you into remembering next time? Or do I have to think of it myself?"

She toyed with the ring on her left hand, spinning it in circles as he opened his mouth, only to close it just as quick.


Her fidgeting stopped, "No?"

Soft footfalls could be heard as she made her way over to stare him down. He clocked every step, watching her hair fall across her shoulders as she took out her usual bun, face expressive even after working for twelve hours.

They both needed this reprieve. Her from work, and him from, well, an earnest challenge that would reward them both.

Her eyes were dark as she stood beside him. He could feel strands of hair tickling his neck as she leaned down to whisper in his ear.

"Back away from the table, and drop the pants."

Hot breath against his ear had a shiver run up his neck, the stern utterance of words had him act before the message could be registered in his brain.

He would subside to her command, body slackening at the infliction of authority in her voice. He would always acquiesce to her. There was an imperceptible understanding between them, and the actions that enacted the love and respect they shared.

And right now, he deserved to be punished.

"I sincerely hope you prepared yourself for the discipline that I'm going to give. Oh baby you got me fired up today."

He swiftly rose from his seat, hands quivering as he unzipped his jeans, material dragging across the heat growing between his legs. Her eyes widened when she noticed he wasn't wearing anything underneath and calculated the best way to make him squirm even more.

"Are you going to take whatever I give you? Or do I have to ask you to beg today?"

He jerked, hands clenching. "No, no I'll take whatever you give me."

She smiled, heart pounding at the sight before her. He had never looked so good, keyed up and awaiting her touch.

Her hands were soft, at first. Running over downy haired thighs, nails digging into pale skin that left red hot trails of yearning on his skin. It was a myriad of sensation. Her legs pressed against the back of his thighs as he leant over the wooden table.

When she finally struck his ass with her palm he couldn't help but gasp.

"Oh god."

He was hard instantaneously, blood flowing to his cock and head at the same time.

She leant down again, "Are you going to do what I ask next time?"

He bit his lip, "Y-yes."

"Good." She grinned, backing away slowly. She knew he expected more, by the whimper escaping his lips.

"Does somebody need to be punished more?"

"Yes please, oh god -"

The words didn't even have to escape his throat before she moved her arm down against, a more powerful impact this time that had him gasp in response. She could tell by the flush running up his neck that he was close. Grinning, she bent him further down on the table, mouth next to his ear.

"Next time, you can just ask instead of eating my dessert."