As Remy continued to look at the world around him all he could see were people starving and suffering. It was almost too much for him to take as he was powerless to do nothing but watch what was taking place. Now more than ever he wanted to leave but he knew that the Ghost of Christmas Spirit wouldn't let her. Even her puppy who was still by her feet wouldn't do anything until their job was done.

"Who are these people?" asked Remy as he looked down at the people who were walking around like they were zombies. They were all still alive but their appearance and walk suggested that something was very wrong.

"Without Christmas Spirit people in this world eventually turned against one another," replied the Ghost of Christmas Spirit. "Over the years they became more distrusting of one another to the point where everyone looks out for themselves."

"But these people seem to be working together, that must be something." He watched as she slowly shook her head at his comment.

"No, they are jus competing with one another." She pointed down and he looked down toward the zombie like people.

Much to his horror it looked like they were fighting against one another. The people who were climbing the trees were being pulled down and fights amongst them were beginning to break out. It was savagery in Remy's mind and he wanted to believe that this was of a bygone era, he didn't want to think that they were in their time.

"Can we go now?" asked Remy. There was a hint of worry in his voice but once again the Ghost merely shook her head.

"Nope," replied the Ghost. "There is still more that I need to show you." This was not the news that he wanted to hear but with that he felt her beginning to walk away. She could sense the fear coming from him but to her this meant that the lesson was finally working. "This might take a while so if I was you, I'd be getting comfortable. Our stay here is far from being over."

She continued to walk forward past the practically dead trees until she eventually came to an open area. There Remy could see the ruins of many buildings that had once been standing. Now there wasn't much left of them besides rubble with people wandering around them and the occasional fight could be seen. He could see nothing but bleakness and if it wasn't for the barks of the puppy below, he would be more than certain that all that was in this world was suffering.

One person even came very close to the Ghost's gigantic foot but rather than attacking he simply walked through as if she wasn't even there. That was one thing that Remy was glad about, if they could see and interact with them, he feared that he too would be attacked. He didn't think that he would survive the encounter as he would be torn limb from limb unless the Ghost rescued him.

"This was once the largest city in the world," said The Ghost. "But without Christmas Spirit people turned on each other and it was reduced to this. It seems like nothing can bring it back to what it once was."

"And if I remain like I am will I end up like this?" asked Remy with hesitation in his voice. It was almost like he didn't want to hear the answer that he was going to get.

"In a manner of speaking yes. If you continue on the road that you're one you'll slowly push people away. Eventually you will simply be fending yourself like these people and you'll be completely alone. No Chrissie, no Remy Jr., no one will be with you."

The thought of being alone, away from Chrissie and her puppy had been a welcoming thought. But after seeing this he was beginning to see the errors of this and it terrified him. More than he would admit to the Ghost. But he thought that somehow, she already knew, it was something that he thought that she would pick up on.

There was a small wave of her hand and things around them began to change again. Rather than going to a different location he could see that the landscape was changing. The ruins of the buildings were suddenly becoming repaired and the clouds above them were clearing as well. More light was radiating toward the ground everything was brightening up in general. The zombie like people were also changing, gone was the skinny and unhealthy look and they were replaced with normal looking folks.

As the world continued to change, he could see that things were not as they had once seemed. He watched as the desolate landscape had been transformed back into a vibrant town. Not only that but there was snow everywhere and he could also see trees that had been decorated.

"What is all this?" asked Remy as he could see the end of the process. The town looked unrecognisable from what it had once been.

"This is what this town has become because of Christmas Spirit," replied the Ghost. "Don't you think that it looks a lot better than it did? People are helping one another and everyone is just happier in general."

"So, what I saw there was an alternate version of this place so to speak?"

"Yes, but hopefully now you've learned something."

"I-I think that I have." The ghost could sense something inside of Remy. It was a flicker of something that she had been waiting to feel. It wasn't the burning fire that she had been hoping for but it was definitely something.

"Is that the Christmas Spirit I can sense inside of you?"

"I-Is it?" He was a little curious as he didn't want to experience what he had just seen ever again.

"Hmm, let me check." She looked at him for several moments and a smile began to appear on her face. "Yep, it's definitely there now. It might not be much but it is a good start nonetheless."

"Does that mean that there's more that I need to see?"

"No, this start is all that is needed. The fire of Christmas Spirit has been lit within you and over time it will continue to grow and grow. That means that our work here is done." She then looked at the puppy who was still near her foot. "Isn't that right Christmas Spirit Puppy?" There were a few barks in response, he too seemed to be happy that their work was finally over.

"D-Does that mean I get to go home now?"

"Of course, our job is done so you're free to go."

"B-But how do I get home?"

"Simple, just leave it to me."

Suddenly there was a bright light that engulfed Remy and he couldn't see a thing. He had no idea what was happening but the next thing he knew he was lying in his bed again. Quickly he sat up and like before it seemed to be morning. A part of him still thought that this was some kind of trick. Like before when he thought that he was back but it turned out that it was still the visit.

Slowly Remy climbed out of bed and began to walk around. He was looking for anything that seemed to be odd. From his immediate view there was nothing that stuck out, the tree was where it had been and it was still nicely decorated. There were no immediate signs of giant women or puppies and he began to think that they might have gone out somewhere and simply left him.

However, this thought came to a screeching halt when he saw a puppy with golden fur walking by. He didn't look white in the slightest and was seemingly walking not far away from him. This made Remy sit down on a normal size chair that was nearby. He could still see Remy Jr. It seemed obvious that the puppy was looking for his gigantic mistress and get a hug from her.

"Remy Jr.?" said Remy with a small amount of confusion. He saw the ear of the puppy twitch upon hearing his own name. He then quickly turned himself around and barked at the man sitting on his bed. As fast as his small legs could carry him, he ran toward Remy and jumped onto his lap. He then leaned onto his chest and tried to lick his cheek.

Normally this was something that Remy would do all he could to prevent but this morning he didn't seem to mind. The puppy continued to lick him and seemed genuinely happy to do this. To him Remy was practically like his second master, he loved him almost as much as he did Chrissie even though he didn't give as many tummy rubs.

"I-I missed you too boy," said Remy as the puppy continued to lick him. "But if you're here then where's...?" Before he could say another word, he could hear the loud thuds of footsteps. It seemed like his question had been answered.

"Remy Jr. where did you go?" asked the voice of Chrissie as she began to enter the room. It didn't take her long to notice her beloved puppy with her best friend. This made her face like up and she took several steps closer. "Remy you're up, I'm so happy to see you." She smiled and it was obvious to him that she genuinely meant every word that she had said. When she did reach him, she went down to her knees. "And you found my puppy dog." She then lowered her hand and Remy Jr. quickly jumped off of Remy's lap and into her hand. When she raised it up the puppy began to lick her cheek and she giggled like she normally did. "I love you too Remy Jr."

"G-Good morning Chrissie," said Remy. He was expecting her to pick him up at any moment and then hug him. It was one of those things that he had grown accustomed to over his time with her.

"Good morning Remy," replied Chrissie. "I've been thinking, you don't like Christmas so I had an idea to help you like Christmas."

"And what is that?" He was worried that after everything that he had been through he would have to go through a similar experience with Chrissie.

"A great big hug." She then placed her puppy on the ground before picking Remy up and thrusting him into her chest. Her arms kept him in place as she gave him one of the biggest hugs that she had ever given. She felt like she needed to do this in order to allow him to feel the joy of Christmas. She didn't realise what he had been through that night but she still did her best. "Do you feel happy for Christmas now?"

"Y-Yes I do," replied Remy. His voice was a little muffled by the fabric of her blue dress but she could still hear him.

"Really?" This seemed to catch the giantess by surprise. She stopped the hug and looked at him. "You like Christmas now?"

"Y-Yeah sure, I've seen now how special it is to you and everyone else." He thought of a way to make her feel happier about the situation since in her mind a hug could solve any problem. "Your hug has really opened my eyes Chrissie. Thank you so much for giving it to me and showing me the wonder of Christmas.

Chrissie's body began to shake with excitement as she couldn't fully believe what she was hearing. But the joy that she felt was almost like nothing that she had ever felt before. It was so great that even her vast body couldn't contain it. There was a good chance that all of this excitement would simply explode from her body.

"I'm so happy about that Remy," said Chrissie excitedly. "You've made me the happiest girl in the whole wide world." She hugged him once again and Remy could feel something that he hadn't before. There was the sense of warmth and safety in the hug of Chrissie. Something that he hadn't experienced before.

As the hug continued Remy began to hear more footsteps. These ones sounded heavier than Chrissie's and she knew that there was only one person who could produce footsteps like this. It was Alana as she entered the room and she could see Chrissie hugging her best friend. She didn't seem too concerned about what was happening but she did like seeing Chrissie happy. After she had been the previous night this was certainly a step up.

"It worked Alana," said Chrissie as she looked up at the larger giantess. "I told you that my super special hug will make him like Christmas."

"I-It worked?" replied Alana with some confusion. This was something that she hadn't expected to hear.

"Of course, it did. My hugs can make anyone feel happy about Christmas. Isn't that right Remy?"

"Y-Yes Chrissie," replied Remy who was still in her arms. The fabric of her dress was somewhat muffling his voice but he was still able to breathe.

"That's good to hear then," replied Alana. She didn't entirely believe what Remy was saying but all that really mattered was that Chrissie was happy. "Now when you've finished hugging breakfast is on the table. You don't want it to go cold now do you?"

This made Chrissie giggle as she got up to her feet. She placed Remy on her shoulder but she did pick up her beloved puppy as well. With that she made her way toward the kitchen where there was food ready for them.

Remy in particular was quiet as he was still trying to figure out everything that had happened. He wanted to believe that what he had experienced the night before was some kind of dream. It felt too real to be a dream but if he told someone they would probably think that he was going crazy.

He thought that it was best to keep these thoughts to himself as he didn't want to spoil anything. It was one of the few times that Alana didn't seem to be annoyed by him and he wanted to keep it like that.

A couple of weeks went by and Remy was lying in his bed. He had been asleep but his peaceful slumber was interrupted when he could hear the excited cries of Chrissie. In his mind it was still too early in the morning to be doing anything besides sleeping. However, this was something that he wouldn't experience as he saw Chrissie kneeling besides his bed. The gentle giantess was looming over him and had a huge smile on her face.

"Remy get up," said Chrissie in a very excited tone. "It's Christmas and Santa has come and left us presents."

"N-Not right now Chrissie," replied Remy who was still half asleep. "Give me another couple of hours and then I'll get up."

"You can't do that silly. We can't open the presents without you." She reached down and picked him out of the bed. He was feeling a little cold but the warmth of her hand did make him feel better.

The man could do nothing as he felt himself get carried back toward the Christmas Tree. Under the tree he could see four presents Two of them were gigantic and obviously intended for Chrissie and Alana. But he could also see two smaller presents there as well. One was for himself and the other was for Remy Jr.

The puppy himself was already on the ground and waiting for Chrissie's return. Since he knew that she wouldn't be gone for long he had not followed her and had simply been sitting there and wagging his tail. There were a few barks upon her return and he seemed happy to see her again.

Alana sat on a chair and she too looked a little tired. It was obvious that Chrissie had woken her up as well. But she wasn't angry at the sweet giantess who just loved Christmas that much. Instead she just sat down and waited as it was time to open up the presents that had been placed under the three.

"Ok," said Alana. "Since we're all here now shall we open the presents?"

"Yes," replied Chrissie in an excited tone. "And Remy Jr. can open his first since he has been waiting here the longest."

The puppy took this as he cue and he began to follow his nose. He could smell something and it caused him to try and track down the smell. It led him underneath the very large tree and toward a present that was almost as large as him. Whatever it was the smell was definitely coming from the present.

Remy Jr. used his teeth to pull at the ribbon and it took him a few moments for him to achieve what he wanted to do. With the bow unwrapped the box that was the present collapsed and he could see what was inside. It was a large box of dog treats and this made his eyes light up. He nor Chrissie could read what was on the box but they both already knew what it was.

Chrissie giggled as she saw how happy Remy Jr. was at the sight of the treats. He wanted nothing more than to rip the box open and begin eating the contents inside. However, this was something that she wouldn't let happen just yet as she thought that he should eat some breakfast before he ate any treat.

Next it was Alana's turn as Chrissie picked up the largest present and handed it up to the larger giantess. Alana was sure to read the tag first but when she realised that it was for her, she began to open it. Like Remy Jr. before she simply had to until the bow and when she did the box collapsed down.

The present was on her lap and as the box collapsed, she could see what it was. Inside the present had contained a pair of what seemed to be strong gloves. As she looked at them, she could tell that they would be ideal for when she was cutting down trees. In the past splinters had been a problem but with these it would be something that she didn't have to worry about anymore.

One thing that did surprise her was the fact that the gloves had come in such a large box and yet the item itself was relatively small. She just figured out that it was a way to tell whose presents belonged to who as it went from largest to smallest.

Chrissie in particular seemed excited as it was her turn to open her present. She grabbed the box that was too big to be Remy's. It was larger than him and as she picked it up it made her excitement grow. She could see Remy Jr. sitting there and watching her, he barked in anticipation as she pulled on the bow.

As the box collapsed, she could see exactly what it contained. Like Alana's the present had seemed too big for what it was carrying as it contained a simple hairbrush. It had been blown up enough for Chrissie to use it but rather than being disappointed with the gift the sweet giantess seemed excited.

Quickly she picked it up and used it for her intended purpose as she began to brush her hair. She liked the feeling of the bristles went through her hair and made it flow more smoothly. Her golden, silk like hair felt fantastic as she continued to brush and although the gift had been simple it was more than she could have asked for.

"I think that's all the presents now," said Alana. She wasn't sure if she should get up and start her duties or go back to bed in order to get a little more sleep before she fully got up and running.

"Wait," replied Chrissie as she pointed toward the final present that was still under the tree. "Remy hasn't opened his present yet."

"Oh, how could I forget him?" replied Alana. It was obvious that she didn't care too much but she would let him open his present. Just to make Chrissie happy and the fact that it was the holidays.

"Go on Remy, open your present."

Remy was fairly quiet but he was able to walk across the floor and toward the present that was for him. It was small enough for him to pick up and carefully he began to open it. He had no idea what could be inside but as the box once again collapsed, he could see what it contained.

Carefully he took out what looked to be a golden pocket watch from the present and he was surprised to have it. It looked to be quite expensive and he could hear Chrissie saying 'wow' as she thought that it was very shiny.

"What's that Remy?" asked Chrissie as she couldn't fully tell what it was in her hand. This was partially because it was so small in comparison to her.

"I-It's a pocket watch," replied Remy as he continued to look at it. He began to notice that there was something written on the back. "Hmm, there's something written here." This only led to more sounds of excitement from Chrissie. Alana on the other hand just stayed where she was and remained calm.

"It says 'It was a fun ride, hope that this helps you through the year. G.O.C.S.'." This got him a little confused and it was another indicator that what he had experienced was actually real.

Before he could think of anything else, he felt himself get picked up once more and hugged by Chrissie. The gentle giantess seemed to be genuinely happy with what was happening and just enjoyed the hug.

"Merry Christmas Remy," said Chrissie as she continued the hug. It was enough for him to almost crack a smile and he opened his arms so that he could try and hug her back the best that he could.

"Merry Christmas Chrissie."