Every fucking day in this place is hell. If it's not the idiots fucking around while the teacher is talking, it's the teacher himself monologuing about his life like we actually care about that shit and it's not actually someone prompting him to continue so that we don't have to learn anything. But then other times, it's when I have to listen to a bitch complain about some stupid inconsequential thing while we have our "study hour" - the time when literally no one does shit.

"The shoes were only $750! They should be fucking grateful that I got a pair that were on sale. I don't even know why they were bitching to me about it. It's not like I got a damn $150,000 Tesla like they did. $750 is like a drop of water in the ocean to them." This chick has been sitting on the desk (on the desk!) in front of me complaining about her rich family for the past hour like the rest of us aren't fucking struggling to get shoes from the discount store.

She only just transferred into this class about a week ago, but all she does is complain about money and it's so fucking superficial and materialistic that I hate her on sight, no matter the fact that she's fucking hot. Her family probably paid for her ass, tits, and hair extensions so her whole body is fake.

"So they decided to ground me. They're holding on to my credit card until I learn to 'make better decisions', as though that's going to stop anything." She rolls her eyes and scoffs. "I have that shit memorized. I'm going to keep buying whatever the fuck I want."

Her devil-take-all attitude is pissing me off. Her blatant disrespect for her parents is pissing me off. Everything about this chick is pissing me off, from the way her low voice makes it sound like she's not an airhead to the way she throws her long brown hair over her shoulder every time she's trying make a point.

"In fact," she pulls out her phone and hands it to the girl she's talking to, some chick I can't be bothered with, "order anything you want. Any fucking thing. We deserve it." She looks up to the ceiling and let's out a huge sigh like her family is a burden to her and not the other way around.

You're such a fucking spoiled ass bitch.

Her head snaps down and her surprisingly light hazel brown eyes make direct contact with mine. Her hands make a resounding slap as they slam onto my desk. I almost flinched, but managed to stay still. I guess I must have made my comment aloud.

"You wanna run that by me again, asshole?"

That just pisses me off more. She may be trying to intimidate me but I've never been one to back down. "Yeah, I said you're a spoiled ass bitch."

God, I don't know why I'm so riled up, but there's something about her that just makes me hope that she yells at me. I have some aggression that I need to let out and she's perfect for it.

But then…she grins. "You're fucking right and the next time you wanna say some shit about me, don't be a coward and say it straight to my face."

The bell rings and she hops off the desk before I can say a word and walks out of the classroom with her friend. She didn't even look back, and honestly the way I'm feeling, I'm glad she didn't because I wasn't sure if I would have strangled her or kissed her.