Put away those tears
I'd wipe them all
If you were here

Hands I never held
Smiles I never drank
Words we never whispered
Yet we were together all the same

There's a storm outside my window
And snow outside yours
No delays separate us
Despite this cold world's best efforts

The dark laugh
Made me laugh
Because it was yours
We were open to indulgences

There is a wall
Where hangs our tapestry
We spent those long nights
Knitting together

Distance was unkind
Fate spoke otherwise
So we wrote
And wouldn't be silenced

Until you were

I said okay
Even though it wasn't
And looked at the wall
Where our tapestry frayed

You spoke our secret
I tried to pretend
But we both knew
And watched it crumble

In the ash
In the fire
I held steady
While you cried out

And turned my back
When you called
It shouldn't surprise me
That you did the same

I will cast no blame
At cruel fates
When we tore
Our tapestry together

Put away those tears
I'd wipe them all
But we're not here

Dedicated to SoggySoul