I was so afraid as the day came. The big day... the day where we were given our gift.

A day which every human was given the power that would define their life. To me, it felt more like a curse.

But there was nothing I could do. I had to accept whatever I was given.

And there were six gifts one could be handed.

We knew them because they had been handed down through generations, from the beginning... from the one who had them all.


And with just one touch of his hand on your forehead, you would have that gift forever.

There were six, like I said. Six gifts... and I dearly hoped I would get one of the main four, not the last two... the very last gift only one in a billion were ever given.


It was the night before the ceremony for me, and I was holding my girlfriend in my arms, as we talked and smiled at each other in my room. When tomorrow came, I was going to go up to his temple... and he was going to touch me.

"Are you scared...?" Jessica asked me, cuddling me in my bed. She had blonde hair like me, and doe blue eyes. She was the one I was going to be with forever, I knew that... and I think she knew it too.

I couldn't picture my life without her.

I didn't want to either.

"Jessy, I'm terrified." I told her, honestly, "I'm just so afraid I'll get a bad gift..."

"But none of them are bad," she told me, a cute smile on her lips as she kissed me sweetly on the cheek, "I think they're kinda cool..."

"So what if I got... flight?" I said eagerly... as that had always been a dream for me. I would love that gift... and it was quite a popular one Luke gave.

"And leave me on the ground?" my girlfriend asked with a sad pout. I rubbed our noses together as I teased.

"That's just the one I want."

"Well, maybe you could ask him for that one?" she said and I sighed, shaking my head.

"You know that's not how it works... he doesn't choose the gifts we get, they just come out of him to us..."

"Yeah..." she said, a little sadly as she thought this, "Would you like to be a telepathic?"

"No way!" I shouted in a laugh, but really that thought didn't sit right with me. "And know everyone's darkest thoughts..."

"My dad is a telepathic..." Jessica said, seeming a bit sad about this, "He says that it feels like a curse..."

"I'd hate that..."

"Well you know we need these gifts to fight the war..." she told me, sadly, and hugged me closer, my warm blankets covering the two of us, "You could get speed?"

"That would be so cool!" I proclaimed, excited and she just beamed happily at that response. "Be anyway in the world in a flash of a second..."

"It's not a very common one he gives though..." Jessica mumbled nervously, and smiled at me with warm eyes, "If he gave it to you... do you think you could handle it?"

"I can handle anything, babe..." I said to her, a pretend confidence on me and she only skewed her lips halfway up into a small smile.

"Anything, Tyler?" she said to me, and poked me in the chest, looking at me with lovey dovey eyes and I nodded to her, but my cockiness was fading quickly.

"What if you were given immortality..."

"No, please..." I said with a laugh, finding that ridiculous, "He has only given that gift out three times... no way would he give any one that... after what happened..."

We both shuddered as we remembered who we, the people, were fighting against... the three immortals that ruled this world... and were trying to subdue our rebellions and wars.

"Well, what else?" I asked her, grinning widely, and she spooned me closer, her eyes twinkling from her warm gaze...

"Telekinetic?" she asked quickly, and kissed my neck, making me blush and I giggled deliriously at her touch.

"Isn't that one of the most dangerous powers...?" I asked her, shyly and she rolled onto me, looking down into my eyes and saying.

"It is... if you don't have a good heart..."

"He doesn't give out that one too often either..." I had to admit and she just chuckled, kissing my lips. We kissed for a few minutes, our mouths moving together softly and when I stopped the smooching I had to say.

"So I guess there's only one left we haven't thought about..."

"Yeah..." she said, her eyes still half lidded, but she sighed as we both uttered out.


"The LAMEST power..." I said to her and she nodded her head in agreement, "Like... don't people feel half invisible all the time, anyway?"

"Do you, Tyler?" she asked me, her voice as sweet as honey and I shook my head.

"No... not usually... but all it's good for would be looking at girls change..."

"Tyler!" Jessica laughed at my sudden remark, and I stuck my tongue out teasingly. She hugged me again and snuggled back warmly into the blankets, having to ask me.

"So... you're still nervous about tomorrow with the other thousand teens turning eighteen?"

"Petrified..." I had to admit and she just giggled kindly, hugging me and whispering into my ear.

"Well don't worry... because whatever you get, I'll still love you forever..."

"And I'll love you..." I said back too, kissing her again and she sighed as she fell into the embrace. We promised we'd do it once she had turned eighteen in six months time... that we would marry and have a family and grow old together and be happy.

But those were the dreams of young teenagers in love, and not warriors in a fight to take back control of the world from the immortals...


I thought about his name, and how I would just be many in the crowds of eighteen year olds tomorrow to receive their power to fight for our freedom.

As there were two powers no one hardly ever got or wanted to ever receive... as the two powers he handed out least... always had the people turn bad and join the other side.

Telekentics... and immortals...

I mean, what did a person have to fear if they could literally never die?

...or if they could kill you from the inside?