When I got up early in the morning to have something to eat, I frowned, seeing Luke looking spaced out as he stared in a mirror of himself.

I clicked my thumb to get his attention, and he blinked his eyes, looking slowly up at me from the reflection of the mirror... it was as if in that second-

I swear I saw my reflection in his eyes... like he had been thinking of me.

"Luke, what's wrong?" I asked carefully, not knowing how to go about approaching him after that dream, and he just gave a soft smile, turning around coyly and replying. He leant against the reflective glass.

"Nothing... just thinking about last night..."

I froze. I looked at him, scared and he blinked surprised, as if he had said something off kitter.


"What about last night?"

"Oh, just that I couldn't sleep..." he said in an offhanded comment, as if it was no big deal.

"Oh... me neither..." I said slowly, looking at him warily, "I had a messed up dream... and it kinda kept me awake for the rest of the night."

"Okay," Luke said, a dreamlike smile on his lips and I stilted a little when he gave me that smile... as it was the same smile Padraig gave... Cameron.

It was the same... smile.

Luke floated away, and I grabbed him by the shoulder before he could levitate off, asking fast.

"Telepathy is a lame power isn't it..."

"It's a curse..." he said instantly back, almost seeming to have rehearsed the right words he was to say.

"And it took you 5,000 years to master it... right?"

"More or less..."

Maybe I was being overly suspicious over nothing. It had just been a dream... and I don't think that Luke would infiltrate my dreams just to plant a kiss on me.

Would he?

No! Don't be ridiculous Tyler! Luke is just trying to be my friend! That's it.

But still, I was worried... why did I have that dream... and why did it seem so real and more dangerous in its reality than any dream I'd had before.

"Are we done?" Luke asked me, waiting for me to let go of his shoulder, and I nervously lifted my hand off it.

I noticed then that he was dressed in more casual clothes, except these ones had some extra flare to them, and I wondered why he was bothering to dress nice now? When in most times he had always worn a cloak.

"What made you choose that outfit today?"

"Oh, I..." he said, floating around to face me and saying as he looked at his new stylish clothes, "I want to start living in this time I suppose... now that I have someone to share it with..."

It was then my heart froze.

That just sounded too... dreamlike... and I uttered out, scared, "You mean me?"

"Yeah," Luke said, giving a soft blink and a warm dreamlike smile again. When he opened his eyes they seemed to glisten as they looked at me... his pupils large and relaxed.

"We're a bird of a feather now, Tyler..." he said, as if at peace at that and levitated off to get something to eat.

"We belong together..."


Luke halted in his levitation when I screamed this and I glared at him in fury. I flung a chair to the fresco'd kitchen wall and it smashed to pieces... my strength. I didn't realize how strong I was now.

Luke looked at me slowly... seeming cautious now himself. He landed his feet to the ground... and walked right up to me, staring me in the eyes.

The way he looked at me... it was like he was keeping something secret... like he was still the little depressed teenager like the day I had met him. But the thing, the secret... that was what had changed.

For he had smiled that dreamlike smile before... the peaceful warm smile he only ever gave to me.

He had smiled it the moment after he had read my mind.

And I knew deep down... that Luke wasn't looking for a girlfriend.

He didn't want a girl to spend the rest of his eternity with... he, he wanted a b-b-b-

"-Boy?" Luke said out loud, looking at me as I had realized this and it all rang true.

The immortals were a boy and two girls... discounting Luke who was also a boy.

The immortals wanted to meet me... a new immortal boy... they were coming for me... she wanted me...

The second queen of this world... the single one.

She wanted to be in love.

Luke wanted to be in love...

This was all over l-l-love.

"Don't simplify things like that, Tyler..." Luke told me, feeling almost pity for me for thinking of things in that term. He placed his hand on my cheek and looked into my eyes. I wanted to back off but he said to me, as if almost hurt.

"I know it will take you a hundred years to get over Jessica... not a billion, not forever... and until then... I'll wait. Because the immortal will never know you like me... I'm the good guy... she's not."

He kissed me then on the cheek, and I stiffened even more up at his soft touch.

"I never asked for these powers... I had a boyfriend I loved very much a long time ago... a very long time ago... but I lost him."

He sighed and added with near tears in his eyes.

"So please don't make me lose you..."

"Luke. I will never love you." I said to him, though my heart was drumming a million miles a second scared, "I l-love JESSICA!" I begged him to understand and he nodded his head, smiling softly as he added.

"And I think she's a nice girl too... but you're that one in a bajillion, Tyler... because you have that one quality that I've always looked for."

He began to walk away as he prepared to go out to the teenagers waiting for the ceremony to begin and to receive their... gifts.

I watched as the door swung opened before him and people cheered, cooing and crying in glee at his very presence.

For you see, Luke... he loves everyone so much to give them gifts... he loves everyone so much that he never thinks of himself.

Except, I knew... that he did... that Luke was a human being... and even with all those millions of years behind him, he had never been born with these gifts.

He had been cursed with them... and he wanted to do the same with every other eighteen year old he met.

Tyler... he whispered in my ear as I thought this and I listened warily, you don't know me like I know you... and you will never know me completely... but I hope you understand one thing.

If I didn't curse these people... if I didn't give out these gifts to them... they would all die.

I swallowed.

I am the good guy, the one who will saves them over and over and over again... and you... you're the one.

You're my one...

And I know you don't believe it but... one day, you'll see how much you'll need me too.

Maybe not in one hundred years, maybe not a thousand... but when you can no longer reach for her... and you truly give me a chance... you'll see... I won't have to make you love me.

You will want to.