It was a day before the ceremony. I was in my room, looking at what I'd wear tomorrow.

Tomorrow wasn't just the day where I'd receive my gift, it was also the day I'd turn eighteen.

It had been three and a half weeks since my oldest friend, Tyler Smith had gotten his gift. A gift... he now called a curse.

I never understood that. I'd love to be immortal... or at least the thought of it didn't repulse to such a degree it seemed to do him.

Me, Amy and Padraig had been up to his new home in the temple a few times in the last few weeks... but it had a weird feeling there, if you asked me.

It felt like a place of other worldliness, but also one of pain. I guess a place really does pick up the feeling of the people in it. Because all I know is that whenever me and Amy and Podge went together to see him, Tyler was pretty miserable and Jessica... she just seemed completely out of place there.

Luke was still pretty much an enigma to me. I had gotten to know him a tiny bit... but he mostly ignored us when we came to see Tyler and Jessica.

I heard a knock on the door and jumped a little, becoming alert as I turned quickly around to see someone I didn't expect step in.


Even though him and I were good friends, we were never really the closest, so it was odd seeing him coming to visit me. Especially now that he was basically a god. Well, minus everything beside being unbreakable. That pretty much summed up immortality.

"Tyler, bro, what are you doing here?" I said with half a smirk, finding his appearance at my home funny and bizarre. It was bizarre because everywhere Tyler went now, he was surrounded by guards. Basically the same for Jessica too.

I looked behind him to see if there was any women or men with him, but saw none.

"Been safe lately?" Tyler asked me, cautious and with worry in his eyes. I shrugged, nonchalantly and added with a half smile.

"Yeah, pretty much. No baddies out to get boring ole' Cameron."

"That's good..." Tyler said, seeming relieved. He quickly hurried over to a seat and sat down, holding his legs together and looking quickly to the ground. He seemed nervous, that much I could pick up.

"What's up, man?" I asked him, curious. I still wondered why he was here and he stuttered out in a weak nervous voice.


"Is Jessica here too?"

"No, she's visiting her parents."

"I can't believe you two are both in the famous temple now," I joked, getting a little awkward myself, "I would always look up at that place from my window... and wonder... what it was like to be in such a giant wealthy building..."

"It's hell."

I looked at Tyler, shocked to hear that. My friend had always been such an optimist and a happy guy. Now, all it seemed he was for the last three weeks was doom and gloom.

"Why? Is Luke really that bad of a templemate?"

Tyler didn't say anything for a second, and just turned his eyes to the ground, remaining silent. He sighed, and I waited for him to continue on, as I knew he had come out here for a reason. Tyler didn't usually go out of his way to visit me alone. Especially now that he was immortal.

"It's not that... but yeah, he's kinda strange..." Tyler said, and his cheeks seemed to redden at the thought of Luke. I pulled a puzzled look at that reaction. Tyler seemed to be thinking something then, in deep thought with whatever it was, and he just snapped out of it, looking at me quickly with his soft deep blue eyes as he said, "But no, the reason why I am here... is because I don't want you to receive a gift."

"What?!" I shouted just then, shocked at this. I almost felt rage boil up in me and I glared at him furious at that request, "Why the hell not, Tyler?"

"Because you'll be used as a weapon in this war!" Tyler suddenly shouted back, standing up from the chair in a hard step. He was the same height as me, and looked very annoyed at my answer.

"I need this, Tyler..." I said to him, my voice becoming a little quieter as I looked into his worried blue eyes. They seemed determined but and I continued, "I'm a nobody... getting a gift... it gives me something, makes me someone... cool."

"Do you think immortality made me cool?!" Tyler yelled at me suddenly, and I blinked my eyes, surprised at that demanding question.

I joked and looked at him, my smile charming, "Dude, you will never be cool."

Tyler laughed just then, not able to keep it in, but he had tears swell in his eyes.

"A gift can enhance your life, Cameron... yes... I'll give you that much." he said to me, shaking his head weakly as he walked closer and looked me deep in the eyes. Trying to get through a message he didn't want to say, "But it can also ruin it... do you want to take that risk? What if you get telekinesis or speed?"

"Then I guess..." I said slowly, swallowing as that thought had never crossed my mind. I had always thought I'd get flight, that was the most common power given, "I'll have to live with it."

"But, Cameron... if you skipped the ceremony tomorrow, you'd just be like one of the many hundreds of thousands of teenagers on the other colonies and planets who couldn't make it. All this fuss for something that could be so dangerous... do you really want that?"

I really did. I knew I was playing with fire... but what if I could control that fire... no matter what I got... and what if I could make a difference in the world with it too.

I didn't say anything just held still and stared back at him, staying silent.

He watched me, worried, and sighed after a few minutes... giving up. He knew I had made my decision and he would not fight me on it.

"Okay..." he said quietly, a few tears slipping down his cheeks and I wanted to comfort him, but I had to keep my stance on the subject... not show weakness.

"Let's just hope you don't regret it, Cameron... after all, you know what the only purpose of a weapon is?"

I looked at him, quietly, holding still.

"To kill..."

He left my room after that, and I looked out my window a few minutes later, seeing him walk away with three guards around him.

Was I being foolish? Was I being stupid? I had been one of the brightest in school, I had passed everything with flying colours. But that just wasn't enough. Smarts meant nothing when the enemy could kill you with just one use of their telekinesis or speed or flight... or even invisibility or telepathy to a degree.

No, I needed something. I needed to be protected too. Not just me... but her as well. I had to prove to her that I was a man.


I needed to show everyone... I was a someone.

By myself... and not because I knew Tyler Smith.

By myself, because I knew I could be a hero too.

Whether a hero of war.

Or a hero to her...