I stood there, looking down at my body as it faded in and out of sight. I raised my eyes quickly back to the eye level of Luke and nodded.


"I hope you find him."

I blinked. He was talking about Cameron, I knew he was. Before I could ask him what he meant by his words, he shouted loudly to the crowd.


And I was shoved around till I was pushed out of the crowds of young adults and to the gates at the side. I looked around scared, in case a recruiter for the royals was coming to get me. I already knew in my head what I would say to them. Yes. I was going to get Cameron to come home. I was going to bring him back and talk some sense into him.

I needed to, I had to. I loved him.

But the recruiters... they, they just ignored me. I stamped my foot to the ground stubbornly and waved my arms a bit to get their attention. They only looked straight through me. I felt teenagers shoving me forward, and I nearly tripped as I pushed out of the ceremony grounds to back out to the open.

I saw Padraig waiting there for me, grinning widely as he saw me approach him, and he asked, chuffed.

"So, what did you get, Amy?"


"HA!" He laughed, ecstatic, slapping his dark hand to his leg and looking at me with teasing eyes, "That is SO the lamest power ever."

"Yeah, WHATEVER," I growled and walked out with him back towards my parents. I felt him sling his arm around my shoulder quite nonchalantly and asked, looking into my eyes.

"So we're supposed to find Cameron... with THAT power."

"Padraig, you are really not helping."

"Sorry, sorry..." he chuckled and ruffled up my hair as if I was a little kid. I tried to push him off but he just laughed some more, "But this? This is just hilarious!"

"And what? You'll probably only get telepathy or invisibility too!" I finally snapped and he shook his head, leaning his head closer to me and grinning wryly.

"Nope, Amy. My family are all basically flyers."

"Stupid cocky flyers." I hissed and he laughed some more. As we reached my dad, he begged me eagerly.

"Show us what you got! Show us!"

I rolled my eyes, feeling the disappointment really rise in me. I turned invisible, and they all gasped when they saw me vanish before their eyes.

I pushed Padraig's arm off me and he tripped back a little as I suddenly appeared again before my dad and the Andregos (AKA Podge's family)

"My little girl is going to stay here!" My dad yelled in glee, throwing his hands in the air as if in a form of thanks as he sang "Hallelujah!"

I sighed, dropping my head down and feeling useless now. This was not going to help me in any way bring Cameron back. But at least I could still save up my money and get an aircraft to take me over to the far side of the planet once I could afford it.

But reality set in... I was probably going to have to train in the emergency sect, because of my useless gift.

Nothing was going to plan.

"C'mon," my dad said and pat me hard on the back a few times, "Let's go back home and celebrate."

"Oh, joy..." I hissed, fed up and we all began to head to our vehicles to drive to dad's tiny apartment. Padraig squished into the back of my car beside me and pat me on the lap, saying to me with warm eyes.

"Don't worry, Amy... even with your useless power. We still love you."

"Don't speak too soon, PODGE." I said to him spitefully, "I see Invisibility in your future too."

"Nope." he said, winking at me coyly, "Totally am getting Flight."

"Am not."

"Are too," he said back with a grin.



"Stop fighting like children!" My dad just laughed, and we both turned our glares away from each other as we looked at my dad driving in the crazy traffic of this city, "Amy, you're eighteen now, start acting like it, sweetie."

I frowned and saw Padraig just stick out his tongue at me, grinning when he sipped it back into his mouth. Man, I could kill him... but Podge was literally the only friend I had regular contact with for the last month. Ever since Tyler and Jessica moved into the temple, and Cameron turned his back on us and joined the royal guard, me and Padraig had been hanging out with each other a lot more... because... we really just didn't have anyone else.

And because of that, he had become more of an annoying brother to me more than anything. But it was good to have at least someone from the old days still there.

Great! I was talking about two months ago like it was the old days. But it sadly was. Tyler was there, Jessica, C-Cameron...

Now it felt like it was just us two.

And that wasn't a group of friends like we had all been. It was just a couple. EW! Was I seriously even thinking about the C word, for what me and Podge acted like now?!

The same guy that had been hell-bent on trying to make Cameron gay for him?

I couldn't tell where my thoughts were leading... but it was to a disgusting place if I dared follow them.

"We're here!" My dad shouted to us, smiling widely as we reached the apartment block, and I saw the Andregos pull up just behind us. I didn't know why Podge didn't get a lift with his folks. But I could never understand that Hispanic young man.

As we got out of my dad's busted up old car, I froze as I thought I saw him, looking at us down the way just at the door.

Could it be? Was that Tyler?

Before I could wipe my eyes to clear them and see fully for myself the truth, I heard Padraig scream in glee.


And Padraig left my side, running in laughter up to our old friend. But I was going to beat him to it.

I quickly turned invisible and rushed passed Padraig, tripping him with my leg and he fell flat on his face.

I reached Tyler moments later, poking him on the shoulder, playing a game with him so he'd try to guess where I was.

But his eyes were only to the ground as if saddened.

I reappeared before him and looked at him lost. I asked, "Tyler? What's wrong?"

I felt Padraig shove into me hard, pushing me aside as he grinned at Tyler and I tried to push Padraig away a little.

He asked.

"Hey man, why the down face?"

The two of us stood there, waiting to hear what Tyler was going to say. Before our blonde friend said quietly, his blue eyes glistening from wet tears.

"The male royal is ordering to see me."

We both raised an eyebrow each, looking at him confused and concerned and Tyler continued.

"He wants to strike up a deal with Luke... so a world war can be avoided."

"What's in the deal?" Padraig asked quickly and Tyler closed his eyes in pain, hating saying the words.


I opened my mouth a little, not understanding, but the pain I saw in Tyler's eyes told more in feelings and emotions than what words could ever get out.

"He wants me... for Melody."