We walked down the main streets. It was probably the safest move, considering we didn't really have much protection. Especially now, because the sun was starting to set and shadows began to creep up on the paths.

"I hate walking at night time..." I muttered to Padraig and he nodded his head.

"Just imagine the pedestrians naked."

I laughed, glancing at him amused at his idea, "That would make walking even harder-"

Before I could properly finish my sentence, a man was flung passed us, hitting the wall of a shop and we both froze in a near heart attack, as thugs came running up to him.

I quickly turned invisible, pressing against an old building, but saw Podge look around for me in horror.

"Amy? Where are you-?"

He stopped when the gang's eyes fell on him, and he smiled nervously.

"What do you want, kid?!" They barked at him, and he took a few steps back nervously.

"Nothing, sir!" He shouted and began to run the other way, but crashed into one of the thugs that had blocked his route.

"Hey? Aren't you the immortal's friends?"

"Nope!" Padraig peeped, before being pulled up by the collar.

"Yeah, I can read your mind."

I gulped as the men started to circle around Padraig. I quickly picked up a heavy rock on the ground and carefully approached the thug that was holding Padraig hostage.

"Now," The man said, almost spitting in my friend's face, "Start talking-"

I whacked the rock against his head. He released his grip, letting Padraig go, before collapsing on the ground knees first, before dropping flat on his face.

"Amy-" Padraig whispered and I grabbed his hand. I was exerting so much energy in my exhilaration that when I touched his skin, I saw my invisibility start to crawl up his body and shadow him with my power.

In other words, he disappeared from sight as well.

"Where are they?!" One of the taller thugs demanded to know, and I pulled Padraig with me out of the area.

When we spotted a busy street a little away, we quickly ran into it to lose the men.

After ten minutes, I felt my panic calm down, and as a side effect, my power withdrew into me again, making Padraig reappear.

"-So," I uttered to him as we stood before a pub, about half a mile away from the gang, "Is invisibility such a lame power now?"

He was huffing and puffing, still highly affected by the recent attack. He finally looked his eyes up at me, and smiled, panting.

"No... it, it's amazing!"

"Hmph," I replied, smiling and folding my arms.

"You're amazing..." Padraig continued and suddenly grabbed my collar, pulling me to him and planting a kiss on me.

My eyes opened wide and I pushed him away, laughing as I said.

"Alright, Casanova."

"I will never make fun of you again," Padraig affirmed, and I giggled a little at his word.

"Where would all the fun be in that, then?"

We both jumped a little when we heard the music start to play out of the pubs and night shops. We watched as everyone chatted and laughed with one another, careless and oblivious to all the chaos that had happened today.

There was a huge screen in the centre of the busy street, high up on one of the few new skyscrapers that didn't look completely trash.

"There has been a terrorist attack on Royal's estate."

Podge and I slowly walked through the crowds to get a better look on the screen. We saw footage of burnt up grounds and ashy debris, but when the camera was put on the Royals, they had not a scratch on them.

"Be sure of this," Sebastian said to the camera-man, "This was a calculated attack, and we will not stand for disobedience to authorities."

My eyes shined back the bright images on the screen, and I felt Padraig approach my side, watching in fear of the statement the immortal Royal had put out.

"There has been peace for long enough." Sebastian continued, and the camera panned over to Melody and Alice, the redhead with tears in her eyes.

"When peace doesn't seem to be working, a new strategy must take place."

"And what is the new strategy?" The presenter of the news asked the blonde young man.

Sebastian just looked right through the camera lens, as if he were staring into our souls and replied.

"Death, by disobedience."

The crowd we were in gasped, and I quickly waved my hand at Padraig, signalling him to follow me. We pushed through the people and squeezed out the other end.

"I'm scared, Ames." Padraig finally spoke again, as we walked the last bit of a trek to my home.

"Don't worry," I told him, giving a weak smile and squeezing his hand for reassurance, "It's just a scare tactic."

"Yeah," Padraig continued, and he looked almost paler from after watching the video, "And it's working."

"We'll be fine..."

"Another war... I can feel it in my gut." He told me and I sighed. I saw my family's apartment in the distance and we approached it quietly. I pressed the buzzer and after a few crackles, my dad's voice came on.

"Who is it?"

"Me, Dad."

"Oh!" The old man peeped through the speaker and the door buzzed opened moments later. Me and Padraig stepped in and in a few minutes were up at my apartment's numbered door.

I could hear my dad unlocking all the latches and security locks he had in case of an attack or robbery.

When the big heavy door finally opened to us, he lunged out and squeezed me in a tight air escaping hug.

"I thought you had been killed!" He cried into my shoulder, sobbing there like a baby and I rolled my eyes, smiling awkwardly.

"No, dad... Luke... 'saved' us."

"He did!" My dad yelled, tears turning joyous as he sang.

"Oh! Bless that Luke! God bless him!"

I laughed quietly to myself, more so in fear than gratitude of Luke, and my dad finally released me, looking at Padraig, before the question popped into his head and he shook me eagerly, needing to know.

"Did you find him? Cameron?"

I stilted at what he asked me, and I closed my eyes, tears swelling around them.

"Y-yes," I stuttered, my heat hurting as I thought of my ex-boyfriend, "He's... he's-"

"Gone?!" My dad yelped and I shook my head. I looked into his wrinkled eyes and uttered.

"No, he's gone digital... his mind was brain dead, so they plugged him in."

"Oh..." Dad just said, as if this sounded near impossible or reasonable, "Forever..?"

"Forever," I whispered, and pushed by my dad, going to our balcony and gazing up in heartbreaking pain at the sky.

I felt Padraig approach me and I closed my eyes, asking him in barely heard words.

"Podge, promise you won't love me forever."

He blinked at my request, and came to my side, staring up at the polluted sky as well.

"Who said I loved you to begin with?" He joked and I smirked, my lips turning up with a weak smile.


He turned his gaze to me and shook his head, answering.

"I don't make promises I can't keep."

"I don't want you..." I finally said to him and he blinked his eyes, puzzled.

"But- what about today, and yesterday?"

"Not right now... I still love Cameron..." I admitted, and closed my eyes, feeling Cameron in my heart, "I can't be with you."

I heard Padraig scuff, before turning to leave. He said as he reached the doorway to the balcony.

"Don't keep me hanging, Ames..." I turned sadly, looking at him and seeing his hurt expression, "Because I don't want to play games."

"Give me time."

He seemed to clench his jaw when he heard that request and slowly nodded his head in pain, replying.

"Time is an illusion, BUT, I will give you space."

"Thanks," I said, and he tilted his head, giving half a nod. He walked out of the apartment and soon onto the street below. I watched him from my window and closed my eyes... a deep sense of pain and injury in my soul.

"Put to death..."

That night I laid there, Sebastian's interview words running through my brain.

I didn't want to die, not yet. I was too young. But the world had a way of letting the unexpected happen.

I wrapped my blankets around me in bed, hearing the noise of the city from my thin bedroom walls.

The memories of the week ran through my mind, crashing into each other and giving me different images to ponder at.

Things needed to change. I needed to change.

I was eighteen now, an adult in the law. Yet I was not deciding my future.

What future that would be? I didn't know.

All I could see in my mind's inner eye was Tyler, Cameron, Jessica, Padraig ... and him.


He had it all planned out.

He had nothing to fear.

He was an immortal.

And me... I would disappear in time... become invisible and forgotten in the years to come.

Gone one day... that's what I'd be.


But my story was not over yet. No... in fact, it was just beginning.