Anime Storm

Chapter Two: Slice of Life: Part Two

Mason could not believe how hard it was to get dressed as a girl. How a girl managed to get a bra on without much hassle, eluded him. And getting all the tangles out of his hair was another long chore to itself.

"I will never complain about how long it takes for a girl to get ready ever again."

Finally, he was done. He checked himself in the mirror.

Al stood in the background. "Not bad. Gonna have to cut the time in half, though."

Mason groaned. At least the school uniform had been hanging in plain sight.

At breakfast, he kept trying to ask Madison's mother questions, but she kept clucking over him, fixing his hair here and there, and rushed him out the door.

Luckily, some kids lived nearby that went to his school, judging by their uniforms, so he followed them. Another bit of luck, was how Madison kept her class schedule in her bag, so he knew what room to head to.

If he had thought his school was boring, this one was even more boring. The teachers seemed to drone on and on without stopping. And the math completely stumped him.

After school, he was approached by three other kids. One was a taller redhead girl, a blue haired boy Madison's height, and a black haired girl who was the shortest one from the group.

"Hey, Maddy," greeted the redhead. "You look cute as always."

"Cut it out, Ami. You know she hates being called cute," the boy admonished.

"You seem to call her that when she's not around, George," the shorter girl teased.

George pulled her into a headlock. "Who asked you, Sasha?"

Ami started beating George over the head. "Let her go, you neanderthal."

Mason couldn't help but laugh at the three friends. They coughed and straightened up.

"So," Sasha began. "Are you ready for next weekend?"

"Next weekend?"

Ami glomped him from behind. "Our big concert, of course." She squeezed Mason's boobs a little. "Damn, I keep forgetting how big and nice these feel."

Mason couldn't help but blush as it felt embarrassingly good, as George looked on drooling, his hands making squeezing motions.

Sasha jumped up and smacked him from behind. "Don't you even think about it pervert."

Ami stepped off to the side, looking extremely satisfied, and coughed into her closed fist. "It'll be our first real gig. I already hear there'll be talent scouts there."

"I'm ready," George pumped his fists. "Bring it on. I've got my piano tuned."

"My drums are oiled," Ami declared. "How's your voice, Sasha?"

"Good. Now hopefully, Madison will-" She stopped herself.

"She'll do good," George said. "She won't let us down. This is too important."

"But she does," Al said later. "She doesn't even show up and the band falls apart from there."

"Is she any good?" Mason asked her through the mirror.

"Oh, yeah. One of the best. Just she suffers from stage fright."

"Even if I do this, what's to keep it from happening again?"

"Once you 'jump' out of her, your memories from your time as her, becomes hers. She'll have no problems after that, as the hard part's over."

The next week flew by quickly. He soon got the hang of the music on the guitar. They took the fact of him messing up at first to be in account of Madison's stage fright. By the next weekend, they were ready.

They showed up in their school uniforms, as their band was called the High School Brats.

All four were nervous.

"What should we play?" Sasha asked.

"How about Midsummer's Day?" Mason asked. "It really shows off Ami's drumming talent with her solo."

"And," Ami started off slowly, "there's Moonlit Interlude. It's a quiet piece that really lets George shine."

George jumped in. "We'll end with Dark Wanderings to show off Madison's guitar skills."

One of the stage crew came back. "Okay, High School Brats, you're on in five minutes."

They came out on stage, took their places, and Mason took a deep breath.

The lights came on, there was a short pause, and they started playing. They played their hearts out.

Afterwards, they were relaxing in the back when a guy in a suit walked up. "Are you the High School Brats?"

"Sure are," George answered.

"My names Inago Mochito. I work with Andre Records. I was really impressed by your music and whether you win this contest or not, we want to sign you up."

"Count us in," all four chorused.

Mason's vision began to grow dark. This is it, he thought. I'm going home. A thought struck him. Do I really want to go home? At least I'll be a guy again. His vision faded completely to black.

Mason opened his eyes, squinting as someone flung the curtains open. He draped his arm over his eyes. "Dad?" he croaked.

"Well, I never!" came the reply from an older woman's voice.

Did Dad hire a maid?

He felt all over himself and groaned. He was still a girl, just a little more flat chested this time.

"Well, get up," came the voice again. "Just because you live in the palace, doesn't mean you can act like it. You're still a maid and there's a lot of work to do." The woman bustled out of the room.

He sat up and looked around. A maid's outfit hung in the corner. From the clothes and architecture, he'd guess he was in the middle ages.

"Oh, boy."

Hopefully the chapters can get longer from here. I type on my phone so I have no idea of the word count. His first anime is over. Onto his second.