Every time I close my eyes
I see another me
With such a smile plastered on my face
That has no care in the world.

Yet when I open my eyes
I see the upper half of a circle
Fighting against the light in my eyes
Trying so hard not to blink out.

Darkness is never far behind
As I look all around me
Trying to take away my hopes and dreams
That keep me going on in this life.

No matter what I say
Ill always care more than what I say
Even as time goes by
It not me to have a cold heart.

Wish the misery in me
Would just disappear
As I struggle with battling
So many problem at once.

So hard to find where my heart lies
So many emotions trying to consume me
That its hard to grab on the right ones
As my light is shadow by darkness
Time to time
As I try to find my way out of this clutter.