We often wonder
If we will make it through this
Pondering if it is even worth it
Or just to walk away and give up.

We have constant struggles
Of the right and wrong thing
While emotions make us go crazy
Even over the little things.

So hard to trust
So hard to let anyone in
As we walk this planet
Trying so hard to find ourselves.

Its even harder to find the right people
The ones that you can say anything
Have arguments with
And still be there with each other at the end of the day.

World full of lies and backstabbing
So hard to find people to connect to
With the easy pains and misunderstanding
Flying through all our hearts.

Some of us want to give up on everyone
Staying in the solitude of own misery
Not letting anyone help us
And just mindlessly going through life.

The rest of us
Just take the laughs and smiles
And pull through the rough patches
That try to block us
And just try to have fun
Even with the constant battles
Deep inside us
Trying to make us run away from each other.