Sometimes that girl made Quinn want to tear his hair out. That carefree attitude of hers would lead to a world of trouble, of that he was certain. He was also certain he'd be bald by that point.

At first glance, most would describe the sunny little girl as they would any other: adorable, obnoxiously happy, a little naive. Normal to a fault. After her most recent stunt, Quinn preferred to call her reckless. Stupid even. Overall, a real thorn in his side.

A weighted sigh escaped his lips, and he scrubbed a callused hand down his unshaven face. He glared up at the cloudless sky. It smirked right back at him, mocking. This was supposed to be a vacation. He was supposed to be relaxing. But who could relax with that little demon lurking around? It was like she sought out trouble on purpose.

Sometimes, Quinn tried to recall exactly what had possessed him into taking a child with him in the first place. What drove him to steal her away into the night, into his world of darkness. He'd not only dragged her right into his shady line of work, but added unnecessary burden onto himself.

Sometimes he wondered if maybe he was really just an idiot. He'd barely spared a thought when he'd taken her, he should know better.

Sometimes he regretted it. Honestly, life would be easier without her.

But then sometimes, Quinn remembered that night a little differently. Remembered staring down at a broken little girl, who stared unflinchingly right back at him. As if ready to accept her fate. She'd seemed so tiny in that moment, so delicate, so completely alone. And a decision had been made.

The summer heat had Quinn relaxing further into his recliner, his lids growing heavy. But he couldn't sleep just yet. Sheer instinct urged Quinn to stay awake. He held perfectly still, anticipation seeping deep into his bones. And he waited.

Sure enough, a shadow soon fell over his prone form. He opened his eyes lazily, squinting at the sudden onslaught of light.

Yes, sometimes Quinn regretted taking the girl with him.

A smile as radiant as the sun beamed down at him.


Quinn raised an eyebrow.

But maybe not today.


Okay, just to clear things up from the beginning, the timeline bounces around a lot, but the plot is in a vaguely linear direction. It should all connect in a way that makes sense eventually (I'm pretty sure, anyways). So, yeah. Onward.