When Father Frost Reigns

Summary: What if Santa Claus conquered the world?

The melting of the North Pole unleashed the most fearsome army the world had ever seen. The inhumanly precise alfar, commanded by a red-suited warlord, utterly crushed all mortal armies before them. By the time they reached the equator, the newborn empire ruled the entire northern hemisphere. The leader ruled as he conquered, with a Norse sword in one hand and enchanted spear in the other. We gave him many names throughout history: Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Odin. All of them inspired by the same entity, a supernatural force unleashed by the global thaw we'd caused. In ironic punishment, he grants us a piece of coal each year, with which to warm our homes in the supernaturally frigid winters. After all, we'd been very naughty.