The Called

Summary: Three seekers, across time and space, encounter the same supernatural force.

Marcus Seneca tightened his grip on the dagger. Adrenaline surged through his veins as his heart pounded like a galley slave's drum. He'd spent years of his life seeking the lost Akashic Archive, only to be cursed to find what he received. Beyond the darkened shelves, inhuman footfalls sounded across the stone floor. As it finally closed in, he drew his blade and charged.

Professor Adrian Armitage cocked the hammer of his revolver. He'd heard strange sounds in Miskatonic University's rare book collection, but nothing this persistent. The irregular footfalls approached, their plodding pace turning into a maniac dash. He exhaled deeply, preparing to personally meet the object of his research.

Doctor Janet Sung of the Janus expedition pulled out her laser pistol. Having excised all biology but a brain and vital tissue, she nevertheless maintained the human survival instinct. Overclocking a signal laser was sufficient to gain access to the derelict ship's hull, and hopefully for whatever approached. She tested that hypothesis.