The dragon and the horse, a bay

Once when I was younger in a garden far away

on a wall so high it brushed the clouds came a dragon and a horse, a bay

All throughout the summer days we would build the castle round

the bay would charge, the dragon roar, a truly fearsome sound

At twilight when the castle fell, the sun would fade away

We would snuggle in the bed , me, the fearsome dragon and the little horse, a bay

Night would steal upon us; eyes closed on pillows of down

Knowing that tomorrow the knights would offer us our crown

Time has ravaged the castle, the crown stolen long ago

The child, now grown, goes through the days

with dreams of bills and home

But still when the twilight chases the sun, and the clouds linger so in the sky

just before the light goes dim, and the day has truly died

Still at times when magic comes I hear so far away

The echo of roars, the dragon, and hoof beats of a horse, a bay.