Chapter 13.

By the time the two teenagers got home, Hilda was in the kitchen with oven mitt clad hands taking out a newly baked apple pie out of the oven to set on the table to get cool. She soon smiled at her nephew as they revealed themselves towards her.

"Hi honey, how was school today? and who is this lovely young lady here?" Placing a hand on the girl's shoulder, Jacob then introduced her to his Aunt who quickly warmed up to her in an instant.

"It is a real pleasure to meet you Mrs. Parker, and might I say, you have a very nice home.

Hilda beamed in pride as well as giving out a warm motherly smile. "Why thank you so much Pam, just so you know, you are always welcomed here in our humble abode anytime, any friend of Jacob's is a friend of mine along with his Uncle Roger and little brother. Speaking of which, I have to go pick him up from Miss Armstrong's house then we're going to go to the store to pick up some stuff for me to make dinner. Pam dear, how would you like to stay here? after all, we always have enough for a few night's more to go around."

"Woah there Aunt Hilda, I just brought her here seeing that this is the first time someone new has been by here besides Mel and Alex, and I'm pretty sure she'll have to go soon." The brunette girl giggled.

"Of course I would, if it is alright with you, can I call my parents to let them know where I am as well as how long I'll be here for?" Hilda nodded as she pointed towards the kitchen wall phone; thanking her, she then went to make the call and Hilda left letting Jacob know that lasagna was going to be on the menu for tonight's supper as he licked his lips hungrily couldn't wait to satisfy his taste buds. After hanging up, she told Jake that her dad said that she could stay hearing that he was going to be working late at the Gym tonight along with her Papa who was going to stay a little later on at the Hair Salon.

"You have two dads?" He asked as she nodded.

"Yeah, I know it may sound strange, but they are great parents towards me and never have they brought on any type of negativity from we've been here. They are awesome but at times they can be a little embarrassing if you know what I mean." They both chuckled.

"Hey, I understand when it comes onto Aunt Hilda who she still ask for a kiss on the cheek right before I come out of the car when it's time for school; not to mention the stories of the time when I was 3 years old. To this day, she still talks about the shampoo story in which I don't ever want to hear at all ever again..."

They both laughed soon calming down as the teen led the way to give her a little tour. Pretty soon, they both made it into Jake's room as the brunette teen girl looked around seeing that it was very nice. The walls were decorated with athlete and movie star posters along with framed degrees of when the boy was in the 2nd grade right through the 7th for perfect attendance and literature of a different task. On his desk laid a Compaq computer along with a printer as well as a framed picture of both boys with their parents, and their Uncle and Aunt as each family member had huge smiles on their faces while looking into the camera. Pam smiled at the warm lively photograph.

"Love the picture huh?" He asked from behind as she quickly put it back while he shook his head indicating to her that he didn't mind one bit of her looking soon picking it up to examine it himself having a melancholic expression. "This was taken just 7 months ago. We had went to Yosemite for a little weekend trip. It was so nice and so much fun to have everyone together to enjoy ourselves." Brown eyes became slightly misty as he soon sighed. Pam looked towards him giving out a hug quickly melting in her embrace while sniffing her cinnamon perfume.

"You must miss them a lot don't you?"

"Yeah, out of both of them, I was a lot closer to my mom while my brother Harry was closer to dad but they loved us equally. But the both of us had such a bond that nothing could tear us apart. At one point, people thought I was a girl due to the long hair that I had inherited from her which is why to this day, even with my back turn, I can still pass for a young woman." He soon chuckled while wiping the remaining tears away before they could develop more into drops.

"Well, that is no surprise at all, you do have a slight feminine shape." The teen boy then rolled his eyes.

"Hey, It's not my fault, blame my mom for that, she was the one that gave it to me. One time when I was 14, some guys had made a pass at me and when they saw who I was, that's when they had quickly ran off thinking that I wouldn't notice it a bit." They both laughed.

"I'm surprised that you are not even perturbed by it."

"Oh yes I am, but It's actually more subtle. I guess that's also even one thing that Brad has advantage of, that I can't fight back, to the point, he always holds about me being Gay against me like me looking at random guys was just something I was born to do in the first place. Take it from someone who has been that way since 13 and you will know what I mean."

Pam's smile slowly turned into a frown. "I can understand exactly what you're going through. When You're living in Nebraska, the chances of having both fathers are slim to none, due to the type of people that live there thinking It's sick and wrong to love someone of the same gender. A couple years ago when we were still living there, a transgendered boy by the name of Brandon Teena was shot and killed after his two so called friends found out about his gender that he was actually born a girl just because he wanted to be accepted for who he was and was barely given the chance to live out his life, at only 21...and last year, that was when we had packed up and moved. I used to even get bullied back at my old school for having two dads and no mother around; whenever there would be open houses or school activities where both children and parents could participate in, I would sit at home because then I would not hear the end of it."

Jake bit his bottom lip softly. He heard some children having either both mom's or dads as parents, but he never thought that getting picked on would be cruel, sure he had his own version of bullying, just of the fact for coming out, but being bullied all because of a child having two fathers, was where he drew the line. "Don't you have a mom?" He shut his mouth quick but it was too late; afraid that he offended her, he soon caught her gaze as her face was more somber and her eyes held in their sadness.

"Never knew her, from what I was told, she died in a car accident when I was only 2, so my dad had remarried 3 years after and have been in a happy relationship ever since. When I told them the truth, that's when we came here and I started a new school before coming to Mission High."

"Well, what made you became the Chief Editor for the School Newspaper?" Jake asked seeing her melancholy mood turned happy again.

"Since I was 8, I've always dreamed of owning my very own Newspaper Company. I told my dad's about it, and they were so supportive of me that Papa even got me a typewriter for my 9th birthday. And ever since then, I always found myself typing anything that my mind would think of. I guess you could say that like you, I also have a thing for literature too."

Jake beamed and grinned. "That's good to know, I'm sure that one day, you will be able to own your very own Newspaper Company and that anyone you hire, will have fun doing it." Pam nodded smiling warmly as hazel eyes twinkled in delight.

"I would let you be apart of it. I definitely would."