Oerlin the sorceress watch as the warrior queen Utheralie cut down her enemies. The sword of Eseyn burned with magic fire. However the sorceress was saddened the lady of the lake gave her the sword to heal. Instead all the queen wanted to do was unite the baronesses through violence. With the last baroness taken care of Eseyn was truly a kingdom. Utheralie's loyal knights were granted land but even she knew all most wanted was the sword. Unknown to all but Oerlin she was with child. Her lover was killed in battle and that was her descent into hatred and bitterness. She then gave birth to a small baby girl and called her Arthurette. However when she looked at her child all she saw was her lovers eyes.

"Take the damned child I want nothing to do with her" the queen said. With a heavy heart Oerlin followed her orders and headed out the castle walls. The sorceress was confused she never had children and the women of Eseyn were ambitious. It was in the Bavalon tournament grounds the sorceress happened upon a brave female knight. She could sense the justice and virtue from the knight. She was even surprised when she won. Oerlin approached the woman. The sorceress said that she had a child who was the only child of Queen Utheralie. "Please Sorceress I lost my husband too and have a daughter of my own to look after". "You swore an oath Lady Ectorena to serve Eseyn and Its rulers anyway possible". Those words were true and Ectorena adopted Arthurette. Ectorena now had two mouths to feed her daughter Katty and Arthurette.

Within the following week it's was finally revealed that whoever wielded the sword of Eseyn would be the ruler of Eseyn. The tyrant queen was attacked in her sleep. The sword was able to make a noise when danger was near and gave her just time to arm herself. Yet she was overwhelmed and she crawled with her last strength to the blacksmith shop. With a violent crash she plunged the sword of Eseyn into the anvil. Then drew her last breath with that Eseyn was in a state of chaos and disorder. For Years knights have fought for the control of the sword yet they did not know only the heir of the late queen could release it from it's captivity Arthurette.

Fifteen Years Later

"Come on Arthurette wake up" Katty groaned. I sheepishly opened my eyes to see my sister Katty looking at me with annoyance. In truth she should be annoyed today's the tournament. My sisters has somewhat of a prideful and vain personality. My mother Ectorena had tried several times to teach her humility. Katty's a good sister and she's also a very skilled fighter. I spent the next few half hour cleaning my sisters muddied armor. Katty was in third place blaming the judges and "lucky" fighters. In truth these were the best fighters all over Eseyn. With that done my sister headed to towards the tournament ground with me following her. We got to the square my mother looking at us both. She then shook her head dang I forgot my sisters sword. "A good squire always has her knights gear" my mother said. Katty just snorted when she does that I know she's angry.

I ran towards our tent. When I saw a thief with my sisters sword. The thief was faster than me. I realized I was in the blacksmith's shop. I looked at the sword for some reason it felt like it was calling to me. I put my hand on the hilt and with ease pulled the sword from the anvil. "Hey what are you…" the blacksmith shouted before realizing. "Someone's pulled the sword from the anvil" he bellowed. Soon everyone was rushing outside his shop to see. When my mother and sister arrived with the crowd they were the only ones who kneeled first. "Mother I don't understand did you wield the sword" I asked puzzled. "No and I am not your mother my queen" Ectorena said with tears in her eyes I could tell she was both proud and saddened. I was asked several times to pulled the sword out. Each time I did with no resistance from the sword. People began to talk amongst themselves everything was happening to fast. All I wanted to know was who my mother was. Soon people looked at me and knew I looked like somebody they would well like to forget. "She's the child of the tyrant Utheralie" shouted a woman. Many swore to fight against me when another woman came to my defense.

It was the Lady Loladegrance of Camylarde. "If this girl is to be chosen as queen then I shall follow her with my last breath". Two foot soldiers approached me and tried to attack me. It was over in a flash as Katty cut them down. I ran from all of it this was just to much. I wished I didn't pull the sword from the anvil. I wanted no part in my mother's legacy someone else can have the cursed sword. I was shocked to find out the sword was in my hand. That Impossible I ran away from the blasted thing. Away from the crowd I huddled up and cried. "Cry not young queen it is your destiny to lead Eseyn and her people". I looked up to see a sorceress "Who are you" I sniffled. The sorceress said her name was Oerlin who served my mother the queen. I spat saying Ectorena would also be my true mother. "Take my hand Arthurette" Oerlin said with a sense of calmness. I was then shown Eseyn but it was dark and bleak. Wars and ravaged earth I saw the tyrant queen. "STOP" I shouted. Oerlin told me that was the legacy of my mother and that I could heal the land be a fighter like my mother. But only when the time for violence was justified. Her words inspired me maybe that's why she was Utheralie's advisor. Interesting I found out after touching the sorceress hand a full day had passed.

Within the day Loladegrance was under attack for supporting me as queen. I headed towards where the tournament square was and saw my band of followers. Ectorena and Katty along twenty knights along with their squire and foot soldiers. "This is all who follow you sis" Katty grinned. Ectorena lightly smacked my sister "You will address Arthurette as my queen" Ectorena chastised. Katty just laughed knowing her she would brag how she took care of the queen. "We ride to Camylarde to defend Loladegrance know this I am not Utheralie for I was raised by this woman". Ectorena lowered her head she always hated attention as fought mainly to feed me and Katty. "Now we ride to Camylarde" Like lightning we rode out now I'd have to prove myself.

There's Chapter 1 I Hope You All Enjoyed Reading It :)