Hello this is Swingball here! To let you know, this will be an arced story. What you're reading now is the beginning arc. This is my first story here so don't kill me. Hehehe, thanks.

Isabelle was coming home to relax for the night from a hard day of school, she notices something glimmering in the sky. Thinking that it's unimportant she goes about the rest of her business then she sees the sparkle again from her window late at night.

She notices some strange silhouettes of a ship and figures crawling out of the spaceship. One of which, slither up to her signaling not to say anything as Isabelle was dragged onto the ship and led out. Captured from her world and placed into a sleeping capsule, all she saw and heard was darkness and silence.

Several days later...

She wakes up out of her several-day sleep and sees that she is not inside the ship anymore and that she's just on the outskirts of an exotic city ahead of her. The ship and troopers carrying her crashed some distant miles away. So she has to walk several miles to reach the city in which she walks through a dark covered space.

As soon as Isabelle emerges from the shadowed area she is bombarded with hustling, bustling "people and cars" she finds herself in the middle of the "street". A "car" seeing a foreigner and veering to the side of the road and almost hitting someone as a result. Everybody saw what happened and stops what they're doing.

A gooblob slithers out of the car and yells at how in some foreign language the she can't even grasp.

"(Hey watch where you're standing will you?! You almost made me crash!)"

Then he notices how...different she is and stares at her continuously along with the other jellyblobs including a child (which is just a smaller jellyblob).

"(Mommy what's that thing doing standing there in the middle of the area?!)"

"(I don't know dear, I don't know.)"

One of the jellyblobs send off some kind of emergency signal. Seconds later Isabelle would hear a xylophone/glockenspiel tune playing in the background until it gets louder and louder until you see a vehicle with some spinning flashing decoration on the top of the vehicle. Several seconds later Isabelle is in "handcuffs".



Isabelle was blapped on the head and thrown into what seems like a prison.