Isabelle was sleeping one morning when her host-Gelatino came in and shook her vigorously awake with a reminder.

"Today's the day of the move, you're transitioning. Be up by 11:45a and don't be late." Instructed the host.

Isabelle, making sure she wasted no time, washed up, got dressed and ate breakfast. She did so in such a timely manner that she had time to spare to log onto her computer and completed a small local computer project that only took 10mins to finish. She used her remaining time to look at herself before the host appeared.

"Ready? Then let's go." The host-Gelatino showed the taxi sitting outside. "What about the Bracelet, though?" Asked Isabelle.

"I can override that thing let's get a move on already." Said host-Gelatino. And with that they went into the town center on this plain sunny day in the human garden city.

"So is this artificial city called 'Geliyorka' by any chance? And your species is called Gelatino?" asked Isabelle. "Yes this is Geliyorka and we are called 'Gelatino' as a species."

They arrived shortly and ended up at City Hall. The host-Gelatino controlled the bounding bracelet from his device so they didn't have to worry about any police chasing them down. They quietly settled down in the city office and waited for what the city officials to come out and service her.

"Isabelle, #######" Was all Isabelle heard, listening to the official-Gelantino spoke. Nothing intelligible she could take in of course.

"Uhhhmm..." Isabelle was clearly confused until they brought out another officer and said "INTERPRETER, CONVERT". The Gelatino that stepped forth was a translator. He translated as followed...

(Isabelle, has gone through the necessary transitions in order to give her a placement in the world of Gelatina.)

"VERDICT" the city officials were coming to a conclusion now. Isabelle holds her head down as she hopes for the best...

"Isabelle ########HUMAN-ASSET########, UNCONTROLLED FLOW" The city official concluded.

(Isabelle will be assigned as a pet in the lower class region of the Gelatino world) The second official translated. After the verdict was given, the host-Gelatino of the apartment showed her a vehicle that would transfer her from the human garden into the lower-class Gelatino society...

The car had some Gelatino characters on it that plopped into place when Isabelle got close, then she slowly entered the car to be sent out, but not before the host-Gelatino programmed her bounding bracelet to shatter and wished to her with a firm emotion "Good Luck".

Isabelle stepped in and was enclosed and strapped up in the seating device the car was equipped with, awaiting her next destination with an unsure feeling in her gut.

"Lower-class Gelatino society..." Isabelle contemplated. She closed her eyes as the car continued to speed off into the distance...

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