Remember back then
When we didn't believe in close friendships
From all the bad ones
Or the forgotten ones that came before.

Kept saying there was no point
Since didn't feel anything to anyone
Yet deep down
Lying to ourselves.

We were blind to what was in front of us
With the friends who were always there
Or the connections of people we didn't expect
From all the drama that was endured.

So many acquaintances
So many so called friends
No best friends to call our own
Since thought it was just nonexistent.

Like what is always said
The unexpected always happen
When you aren't expecting it
As you laugh along with people.

Everyone needs a friend
Someone close that they can have support
Since no one should be all alone
In this cruel world that tries to break you.

Can't just rely on yourself for everything
Since some things will shatter you
Even before you can crawl yourself back
From the first step.

So you can say you don't believe in friendships
But we will tell you
Don't say that
Since someone is either there or waiting to help you
Just got to let it happen
No matter how difficult you are.