Chapter Eleven:

"We shouldn't be doing this...this is so against the rules..."

"Joe? If you don't shut up about how wrong this is, I'm gonna throw you out of the moving bus!" Mari snapped, echoing my own thoughts about Joe's whining.

Faith yawned loudly as she leaned against Sam, using his shoulder as a pillow. "Stop fighting's late and we're not gonna get there for another ten hours. Go to sleep or be quiet so that I can sleep." Faith then promptly passed out, a soft snore escaping her.

Sam sighed, but made no move to move her head off of him. Glancing back at the rest of us, he tilted his head to the side. "She has a point. It's pretty late and we have a train to catch in the morning."

Joe huffed, before settling down, his eyes sliding shut as he slowly slipped into dreamland. Satisfied, Sam shifted so that he was facing forward once more, and closed his eyes so as to join his friends in slumber. I shifted slightly, Glancing out the window at the barren highway that we were currently passing through. I really hope that we're doing the right thing...

Relax brother... Which is better? Actively helping heroes out or keeping our heads down and doing nothing?

Mari, go to sleep. I chuckled, amusement flashing through me as I glanced over at my sister. It was times like these that I was really glad that she managed to stay with me after we had pretty much destroyed our only way home. I watched as she passed out in seconds, something that she was rather good at doing much to our parents amusement when we were younger. I placed my head against the cool glass of the window, my own eyelids heavy...

"Mark! Wake up! We're at our stop!" Joe shook me awake suddenly, startling me. My head snapped up as I glanced around to see that the mostly empty bus was now most definitely empty...except for the two of us.

Rubbing sleep out of my eyes, I squinted out the window to see that the sun was starting to rise. "How long was I asleep?"

"No idea. Mari is buying our train tickets though, so we best hurry." Joe moved to leave the bus, glancing back over at me as if to make sure that I was still following him.

I stretched as I stood up, rolling a kink out of my shoulders as I stumbled after him. Joe bit back a smile, amusement flashing in his eyes, before he reached out and steadied me a bit more. "You're really tired...aren't you?"

I mutely nodded in agreement, before allowing him to guide me off of the bus and onto the pavement. Once there, I bolted towards the sign with the symbol on it for the train. Once there, Mari quickly handed each of us a train ticket, before darting over to get to our train...which was loading up as we sprinted towards it. With a quick leap, Mari flew the rest of the way there, even as Faith teleported on board. Guess the girls were okay with leaving us guys in the dust. I snorted at that thought, since the prophesy were trying to figure out mentioned something about dust... I quickly shook my head to clear my thoughts, before suddenly stumbling. Strong arms lifted me up almost casually, before tossing me onboard the train. Whirling around, I was just in time to see Sam pick Joe up as if he weighed nothing and tossing him onto the train, before jumping onto the train himself.

"There! We made!" Sam gasped out as he crumbled to the ground at my feet.

I glanced over at the others, confused about what I was supposed to do in this situation. Mari just shrugged, just as lost as me... maybe should have tried spending less time with only each other and hung out more with the other kids growing up... Faith was already distracted by a bright pink balloon. Joe sighed, before reaching out and patting Sam on the shoulder. "Good job. Let's find our seats now, shall we?"

"Who talks like that nowadays?" Sam mumbled under his breath as he hauled himself up onto his feet.

I darted forward, grasping his one arm to help balance him as Joe grabbed the other one. "Once we get to our seats you can rest some."

"Sounds nice." Sam stumbled as he more or less sagged against us as we walked along the train's corridor.

Mari paused, pulling open one of the train car rooms. "Here. No one has claimed it yet."

With a grunt, Joe and I dropped Sam onto one of the benches, before dropping down on either side of him. "How much longer?" I decided to ignore that Faith had apparently bought herself a bright pink balloon.

Mari shrugged, while Joe ran his hand through his hair. "Just a couple more hours, then it is a matter of finding the right house." Joe paused, turning to face the rest of us. "Did one of you remember to get the address and name of his granddaughter?"

"Uh... I thought you did that!?" I felt panic rise up as I stared at him. We didn't forget to get that information from the elder...did we?

Mari slapped her face. "We forgot to get the address and name of the Oracle!?"

Oh boy... we were in so much trouble. We needed that information to find her! "We're doomed."

"Mark!" Faith jumped as Mari promptly slapped me in the shoulder. "We are not doomed!"

Faith looked between the two of us, before casually holding her balloon out for us. "So... how much longer will this take us if we don't have an address?"

"Or any clue for that matter." Sam added as he batted her hand away.

Joe sighed loudly, worry creasing his brow. "Just finding her will take many days. We are going to be in so much trouble once we get back."

I silently agreed with Joe's assessment of the situation… at least with how long it will take us. I'm pretty sure that we'll get off pretty easy once we get this information we were after to the adults.

"Don't be too sure about that." Sam suddenly grumped.

I glanced at him briefly before turning to the others. "I was thinking out loud again, wasn't I?"