"Huh?" I stood up and I looked around. I was standing behind bars, with a lot of hay on the ground as well as two mattresses on the floor. "Where am I?" I shuddered. I looked to my left, after which a feeling of surprise crawled through my body. "Wait… you are…" It was Butch!

"Butch." I murmured. "Are you alright?" He was lying on a mattress while wearing a dirty shirt. His eyes were partially shut. "Can you hear me, Butch?" I continued asking. Eventually, he moved his body, and he sat down on his mattress.

"Who is there?" Butch looked around, when he eventually took a glance at my face. A surprised look appeared in his eyes. "Roxy… what… is that you?"

"Yes," I looked down at the floor. "It is indeed me," I sighed, not knowing what to do. "I don't know why we are here…"

"I know what they're going to do to us," Butch looked down to the floor. "It's not pleasant, that's for sure…"

"Who? What are 'they' going to do to us?" I gulped in slight fear. "What is it?"

"This man, Ozan, used his robots to capture innocents from a variety of blocks in Stardustia…" Butch explained softly. "One of his robots told me all about it. He told me that Ozan suffered from a disease that drains his physical energy. Apparently, Ozan seems to be afraid of death, and he wants to prevent that."

"How?" I asked in curiosity. "How will he prevent that?" I sat down on the mattress.

"Ozan turns out to be an inventor who creates all kinds of technology. He apparently created a machine that steals other people's energy. That way, he can use other people's energy so he can become immortal." Butch explained.

"We need to break out…" I said as I tried to stay calm. "If only there was a way…" I took a glance at the prison door. "When will they come for us?"

"Who?" Butch asked.

"Those robots," I replied.

"Well, from what I've seen in the past hours," Butch replied. "It seems that the robots don't pick their victims at random. They choose every person in order of prison cell, from left to right. I mean, the last people they took away from their cell were the people in the cell next to me…" Butch pointed at the brick wall to the left. I then took a closer look at the bars. There was iron wire from the bars on the cell floor. I picked it up and examined it. "Butch…" I turned around without looking him in the eyes. "Strap these two around your arms…" I told Butch as I gave him two iron wires. Butch strapped them around his arms. "Now cover them," I continued. I then tied two iron wires around my arms as well, after which I covered them up with my shirt.

"Why is this necessary, Roxy?" Butch asked.

"I think you'll see that for yourself," I explained my plan to him. "I think you need to act a bit…" A few moments later, one of the robots arrived at the prison cell, and he opened the cell door. He grabbed me and Butch by our arms, and he held us tightly as we walked through the dark corridor, with prison cells and energy-drained people entering my eyesight as we left the corridor. We ended up in another room, which mostly had white walls and a white floor and ceiling. There two beds with white and light-blue colors, as well as a big, square-figured metal machine standing in between the beds, which had two injection needles sticking out of it.

"There they are," Out of nowhere, a man with sandy hair appeared after another door in the room opened. Ozan. "Put them down on the beds…" After that, the robot put me and Butch on the beds, and he grabbed the two injection needles.

"You…" I murmured.

"Is there anything you want to tell me?" Ozan asked. "Or not?" Ozan smiled in a taunting manner. I looked to my left in order to ignore it. Then, the robot injected Butch and me in our lower arms.

"Boot up the machine," Ozan demanded. "I want as many spare energy as possible, Mark-013,"

"Surely, you will, boss…" Mark-013 let out a robotic giggle as he turned on the machine.

"Butch…" I pretended to sound tired. "Now."

"What do you mean with 'Now'?" Ozan asked. "That it's time for you to lose your energy? That you're going to lose it right now? Well, if so, then you're correct!" Ozan smirked. "You're indeed losing your energy."

"No," I replied. Butch quickly kicked Mark-013 to the ground, after which I pulled the injection needle from my numbed arm. I immediately injected it into Ozan's arm. "WHAT?!" Ozan screamed. "You…" Ozan tried his best to remove the needle, but it was too late; Ozan's energy started to drain. His skin became more and more pale every second, and his eyelids blinked more and more as time went on.

"You." Ozan pointed at me. "How…" He stared at me with anger in his sleepy eyes.

"Just a sense of acting… and tricks," I pulled up my sleeve, exposing the string of iron wire to the outside world. Ozan dropped on the floor, and he shut his eyes, completely drained of energy.

"Ugh…" Mark-013 tried to stand up, but he couldn't, as Butch pushed him against the floor. "Hey… get off of me,"

"Let the other citizens go!" Butch demanded. "Do as I say."

"Calm down…" Mark-013 replied. "Here are the keys," Mark-013 gave Butch a key-chain, after which he pushed Butch from his back, causing Butch to fall on the floor. "I don't even have a purpose in this story anymore…" Mark-013 walked away, thus leaving the story and not coming back.

"Well," Butch said. "I guess I'll be back... do you want to go with me? Or do you want to stay here until I'm back?"

"I'll wait…" I said. "I need to find a way to contact the reinforcements." Butch left the room, after which I took a glance at Ozan's pale body, completely devoid of any energy. I checked his pockets, and I noticed that there was a phone in there! "Alright," I dialed the number of the Stardustian reinforcements

"You're speaking with Roxy Matthews. Come to the base. There are lots of people here who were captured and who also need to return to Stardustia. You can trace this phone." I explained after which I hung up. And a few minutes later, Butch came back into the room where I waited. With my parents!

"Roxy!" My father greeted me. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine," I replied. "I do have a wound on my forehead, but it's healing. However, my starship did break down. And I'm afraid that not everyone has been saved. Some people already got their energy drained."

"Don't worry about that, the reinforcements will probably find a way to give them their energy back." Jerry replied.

"I hope so," I said. At that moment, my mother appeared from behind.

"Thank you so much, Roxy," Sandy smiled.

"No problem, mother," I looked up for a brief moment. And a few hours later, the reinforcements finally arrived, and they sent us back to Stardustia.

A few days later, in Stardustia…

"Hey, Roxy," Jerry knocked on the door. "Can I come in?"

"Sure," I replied as I played video games in my room. My father opened the door and he walked into my room.

"Good news," Jerry said. "The reinforcements managed to find a way to restore people's energy. A couple of people already got their energy back."

"Good," I sighed in relief.

"Well, that's all I want to say. Shall I leave you alone for now?" My father asked.

"Yes, please," I said.

"Alright. Again, thanks for everything that you've done to us," My dad smiled.

"No problem, father," I put a small, but genuine smile on my face as I looked up. My father closed the door, and I continued playing my video game while thinking about one of the greatest adventures I've ever had.