The day after the fashion show, they were celebrating at Carballa's Dance Studio for standing up to Mr. Caldwell and establishing their own fashion company, "Merritt Fashions". Mrs. Carballa was teaching The Merritt Twins how to samba while learning some Spanish, beginner's level. Penelope and Vanessa were taking pictures with their cameras because they want to preserve the moment.

While Anson and Gabs were doing the Mambo, Anson wondered one thing, "You chose me over Dale" he asked

"You've been there for me the most." Gabs answered, "Sure we're both tricksters, but I only trick those who are inconsiderate."

Anson smiles at Gabs, knowing that she made the right choice on choosing him over Dale.

After taking one more picture, Vanessa sees her parents with Annabelle, breathing like crazy. She knew that something was wrong. But before she could ask what was wrong with Annabelle, her father gave Vanessa her birthday from him and Mrs. Merritt. Vanessa opens it and sees a journal. It was blue with a V on it. "It's to record all of your high school adventures and of course the articles you wrote in the paper," explained Mr. Merritt.

"I love it," Vanessa said as she hugs her parents.

Stefano came up to Annabelle because he saw her panting like crazy and he needed to know what's wrong "What's the word, Belle-Belle." asked Stefano, "I was talking to Clifford on taking Vanessa's rejection well when I saw you panting."

"There's something you must know." Annabelle, sadly said as she removes her glasses, "Stefano, I'm pregnant."

Everyone was surprised by this. Annabelle also said that Stefano is the father of her new child. "My college education is over" Annabelle groaned as Stefano grabbed her hand.

"Annabelle" replied Stefano, "It's not the end of the world. When you recover, The Seattle Times would love your organizing skills."

"And I'm wondering if the two of us would get married?" Annabelle asked.

Stefano blushed and answered, "I would love that."

With love in their eyes, they both kiss.

Gabs, Anson, Ronnie, Penelope, Fatima, and Summer get fascinated by this, "Awesome!" Gabs said, "A woman proposing to a man. You don't see that every day."

A month later at St. Rachel's Church, Stefano, and Annabelle get married to each other while everyone else smiles at the happy couple. Morgan and Monica are the flower girls while Vanessa is the maid of honor. "Do you Annabelle Merritt," the minister said, "Take Stefano as your husband?"

"I definitely do." Annabelle passionately answered.

"And do you Stefano Parziele," the minister said to Stefano, "Take Annabelle as your wife?"

"Si, I do," Annabelle answered.

Vanessa watches them get married. And knowing that the past year has been a bit of a bash. She got promoted to head reporter/editor of the school paper and is running my own fashion line for scouting, Latin, and nerd uniforms, Summer finally showed off her skills, even without her vision, Fatima and Penelope became leaders of their school clubs for next year, Anson and Gabs finally confessed their romantic feelings for each other, plus Gabs stayed true to herself while remembering her mother and she figured out that Ronnie was Matchmaker Mason.

Thanks to him pairing up couples and that segregation is silly, they allowed all colors to get along perfectly and Annabelle and Stefano getting circled were one of the most unexpected moments of my life. She was glad she finally learned to cool it and that things don't go the way you plan. She may not go to Standford, but she'll stay with us, here in Seattle.

The End.