I said to him,
"There is nothing wrong with 'Said.'"
I wanted to shout it,
I wanted to growl it,
But I kept calm
And just said it.

"Said is not overused;
When you talk to a banker
You don't whisper,
You say.
You don't moan,
You say.
Sometimes you plead
But usually you say.

"Said is a good
And a hardworking word,
Sometimes she needs break.
When you whisper in class,
Or you shout over wind,
When I spit in disgust,
Or I hiss in your ear,
Said puts up her feet and relaxes,
But leave her to long
She will fidget
She frowns
And your prose
Will be lacking in sense.

"If once more I must read
Something like this;
'Hello.' Alice quipped
'Goodbye.' Jack lamented
I may print your work out
To burn it.

"And I swear to God
If you ever again
Make me read
The word
When 'Said' would have worked fine
They will never find
Your body."