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Stand by Me © Atco Records, Ben E. King.

R.I.P Ben E. King, you will be missed.

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you all have a good one!


Alexander's ear perked up from under his brown hair, looking up. "You hear that?"

"Hear what?" asked his black-haired boyfriend, Jaden, rubbing one ear. It was quiet, with only the sounds of a double bass flowing through the air like steam. Jaden's brows elevated. "Whoa,"

Alexander smirked, "C'mon," swaying his shopping bag, "Let's find it," following the direction of the music. Jaden frowned almost playfully, bobbing his head up just once. He mouthed a 'hey' to him, following him.

Just in front of some trees were several men. One man in a beige fur coat was holding on the double bass, playing it pizzicato-style. He bore a smile on his face, keeping up with his friend, who was at the front, singing it.

The man clapped his hands, waving his head around, chiming, "Should tumble and fall..." Alexander's mouth went agape, his eyes lighting up.

Jaden's eyes softened. As Alexander held onto his arm, it made him remember of when his father was driving his family home and it came on the radio. Jaden hadn't forgotten about it since then.

The remaining men that were around the bass player and lead singer sang the chorus, some of them snapping their fingers and laughing along. It was around the end one man on the right, wearing a black bubble coat and shades flashed a smile to the young men watching them. He was most likely the youngest of the group there. Jaden had a small smile on his face, nodding at him. Alex set his temple on his boyfriend's forearm, exhaling quietly.

"Whenever you're in trouble won't you staaaand by me—!" the man reached the final verse. The song ended, and the singers erupted into a small cluster of laughter. Jaden pulled out his wallet and pulled two dollars out as a tip.

"Thank you, son." The man told Jaden, as he held his top hat out for him.

That was how Jaden felt about Alexander. The former pulled the latter close to him, whispering, "Whenever you need me, I'll be around."

The younger man chortled quietly, the two walking away. "Feeling's mutual, dude…"