She, was sin,
Born to and from past
In between to within
Where abyss is cast
To bear what's not hers
Sought the lost and forgotten
Influence those and others
Til they became cruel and rotten

She, is sin,
Takes pleasure and pride
In their nature as it's been
Despair, agony and cries
Pain is all which remains
Beneath the surface of the heart
Loathes, enslaves in chains
Comes to shatter all apart

He, was purity,
Was, is and will be
Came to cast out the darkness
Love, salvation, light is he
So Sin would not harness
What is no more hers
For Purity has come to cleanse
And claim what's his forever

He, is purity,
Has slain evil and darkness
With a single, tender embrace
The rule of grief and sadness
Is no longer a moral disgrace
The raging storm has quieted down
Desert walks no longer solemn
For Purity claims us as his own

She, was sin,
But He, is purity,
Failed to conquer
When love was stronger