Can you hear them?

You can, can't you?

It's okay I do too.

The second set of footsteps that take a moment to stop when you do.

The crunch of lettuce just after you swallow you bite of sandwich. The way that sandwich disappears twice as fast as it should.

I thought I was going mad. I worried a bit but then I figured, what the hell, it's not like I can do anything about it, so I may as well enjoy it.

But if you can hear them too, then I'm not am I?

I started leaving milk and scones out for them and in the morning it would be gone. And no I thought of that, raccoons wouldn't leave the bowl upright or fold their napkins.

Sometimes when I camp out in the backyard and I wake up a little I'll hold my breath and it's half a second before they hold theirs two. It's comforting, I smile and drift off. I once heard a quiet giggle as I fell asleep and I'm almost sure it wasn't a dream.

I've been hearing snatches of music from the trees behind my house. It sounds like it's coming from a long way off although I know for a fact that it's not more than two lots feet.

I know. I know you're not supposed to follow the fairies but I have to tell you if they invite me to I won't stop to leave a note or put on shoes.

If I disappear one day don't let them search too long. Tell my mom I love her, but even being a servant to the fae is better than staying in this world. I'll keep an eye out, should you choose to join me.