I look in my eyes and
I smile,
I love me,
I say to me but
I know my tells and
I see that
I'm lying
I'm afraid
I might be losing me.

I made me some coffee this morning,
I worked hard to make it just how
I like it, but
I never drank it,
I let it get cold and
I never noticed or thanked me.

I think
I might need a break from me,
I never give me my space,
I'm always around, and
I can't get one moment when
I'm not right there in my face.
I try to do nice things but
I always ruin it. How can
I love me like this?
I forgot to do this,
I overlooked that, am
I even trying at all?
I never stop nagging me, why can't
I just flipping relax? God!

I'm sorry
I said that
I didn't mean it
I want to work things out with me, do
I want the same? Maybe if
I would just treat me the way
I would want to be treated then
I wouldn't have let things get so bad with me.

I'll try if
I will.
I love me, do
I believe me now?