1. The Murder

I went to a cocktail party, one Friday evening. It was held outside, around a swimming pool.

Most of the evening was quiet, but around 8:00, something happened:

A man clutched his stomach, stumbled, and fell into the pool!

At first, people laughed. They felt that perhaps he had a bit too much to drink. But he didn't move. Realizing this, the laughs turned to screams.

I took charge. "All right, everyone, calm down, please. I'm a private detective, so let me check this out."

I kicked my shoes off and jumped into the water—with my $100 dress on!

I inspected the body. There were no wounds and no blood, so I suspected poison.

I got out of the pool. "Do any of you know this man?"

A woman walked to the side of the pool. She began crying. Then she jumped in the water and swam close to the victim.

"That's. . . my husband!" she said between sobs.

2. The Investigation

The cops were called. Lt. Kirschenbaum himself came.

"Hi, Carl."

"Hi, Jenny. You just can't stay dry, can you?!"

I smiled. "I love going swimming with my clothes on!"

The victim was taken out of the water. I assisted in doing this—since I was already wet!

He was 37-year-old John McDaniel. His wife was Janice.

Carl let me lead the investigation.

"OK, the doctor hasn't examined the body yet, but I strongly suspect that he was poisoned. Did any of you see him eat, or drink, anything before he fell into the pool?"

"He had a glass of white wine," said a male guest.

"Well, then, it should still be around here."

On a table, by the pool, was a spilled wine glass. Fortunately, it still had some wine in it, so the cops took it.

"Good. Now, who served it to him."

"His wife did," said a woman. "And I might as well tell you, I am—or WAS—his mistress! John told me recently that Janice found out about us and threatened she would do something about it!"

"Your name, please."

"Monique Henderson."

I looked at the wife. "What do you say for yourself, Janice?"

"Yes, I serviced John wine. And yes, I knew about his affair. But the only action I was planning was divorce proceedings.

"There's a chance the poison bottle is still on her. Search her—and Monique, as well."

A female cop and I searched the ladies. Neither of us found a bottle.

Janice gave me a smart-ass "You can't catch me!" expression. But I wasn't done, yet!

My next step was to search the victim. I found nothing there.

And then, for the third time that evening, I jumped into the swimming pool!

I swam to where he fell, then searched the bottom of the pool. It took a while, but I hit pay dirt.

It was a small bottle with a liquid dropper top.

I brought it out of the pool. Fortunately, there was still liquid in it. I walked over to Janice, unscrewed the top, and faced her.

"Want to try some of this, honey?"

She backed away!

"When you jumped in the water to face your dead husband, you weren't grieving; you tried to get rid of this, didn't you?"

She dropped her smart-ass attitude!

3. Aftermath

The cops led her away. People began leaving the party.

Charles Heyward, the host, walked over to me. "Thanks for your assistance, Jenny."

"No problem. That's my job."

Then he smiled. "I'll bet you don't often go swimming with your clothes on!"

"Yes, she does!" said Carl. He was standing nearby!

The three of us laughed.