Prologue-Welcome To Exodus Academy, the all girls academy (Until now!)

Hello everyone, welcome to Exodus Academy. It is a school that trains students to fight and protect their city, a scientific mobile settlement known as Avian, from the forces of evil and chaos. In this city there are millions of people, all of which have special connections to an unexplained energy source called Levi. It allowed people access to special abilities and powers that could only be dreamed of for most humans. Avian was also rich with powerful monsters and animals that humanity eventually learned to coexist with peacefully. Then suddenly the unexpected happened, a new species of monsters dubbed Aster began to show up and attack the citizens of Avian, kidnapping or killing humans for their mysterious Queen. The bloodiest war in history began after that, human fought hard against the strange, incredible power that these monsters possessed. It seemed like a hopeless battle for the people of Avian, the monster's had control over an unknown Levi source that no one could seem to deal with. Then finally humanity pulled out it's unexpected trump card.

A mysterious women entered Avian, she was a mere outsider yet she had with her something that could turn the tide of the brutal battle. The woman had power over a Levi source that humanity had never seen before, a strange pink light that was hazardous to Aster. She used this incredible unknown Levi to make a stand and push the monsters back from Avian. The people looked up to this strange woman and fought back against the Aster, weaponizing Levi and infusing it with their battle weapons and vehicles. Thanks to this woman the citizens were able to fight the Aster and force many of them out of the land or into hiding. The citizens held a festival for this woman and thanked her for helping them achieve victory, they put her in the history books and many passed down her tale from generation to generation. When asked for her name the woman shook her head and answered that she no longer had one, they could call her whatever they wanted. Then she stood up, generated her strange Levi in the form of a light aura and gave a bold declaration.

"I have no use for names, nor do I care what you all refer to me as! But you do not need a name in order to become a great hero and protect the weak! I may be a mere outsider in this land but I am equal to you all in one case, I hate Aster just as much as you all do! I promise all of Avian's citizens that I will rid this world of them so that we can go back to our long peaceful coexistence with the monsters of our land! I will be starting an academy, one that will raise children to become the next defenders of humanity. They will protect Avian from the Aster, I promise to teach them all how to control their Levi and I promise to make them strong enough to protect their loved ones. I will call this school Exodus Academy, a place that turns children into heroes and heroes into legends! However there must be one condition, this academy will be an all-girls academy! The reason for this is because a female's Levi is slightly greater than that of males. However I will allow you to create other academies and you can choose whichever gender and lessons you wish to teach them. A new age is coming and this school will be the thing that molds it! I promise as long as Exodus Academy is standing and as long as I am around, Avian will never fall and the Aster scourge shall never defeat us!" The woman then disappeared in the light of her brilliant aura.

After that big speech, humanity started to rebuild their ruined civilization. A few months after, the academy was created and the citizens of Avian were able to feel hopeful that their world would eventually go back to normal. The girls of the academy were like a beacon of hope for all of humanity. They protected everyone from Aster and have become known as the last line of defense for humanity and the future. With the guidance of the woman, known now as Relia, the female students grew into fine and powerful warriors and masters of Levi. Relia eventually handed over the academy to her apprentice who became the Headmistress and she decided to go one a journey, no one know where she was or why she decided to do this to begin with. The students of the academy hope to one day follow her path and help end the Aster threat once and for all.

The academy accepted many girls of different cultures and personalities. All of them have control over Levi but had different varieties and methods of control. With the help of the school the students were all promised everything that Relia had said, they gained skill and incredible power as well as fame and the chance to feel loved by the people for their heroism. The academy thought that they were prepared for every possible contingency, all until now. A agreement was made between the Headmistress and two families and with it came the unexpected. It was agreed that two powerful boys would attend Exodus Academy and help in the war against the Aster. News had spread fast in the academy about the two boy that would be coming to the school and many waited excitedly for this new change to occur for the academy.

Join these two boys as they try to survive the academy, meet a lot of interesting and fun-loving female friends, battle the Aster, and save Avian and all of humanity. "Welcome to Exodus Academy, we hope you enjoy your stay!"