The fires rage in Roseway, lighting up the night
And in a lonely field does the face of Tundergarth lie.

A steaming crater marks the point of drama unfolding
As houses all around fall victim to the burning.

This carnage in the fields is like that seen in The War
The sight is such to shake any veteran to his core.

"But how did this drama occur" asks one unfortunate soul
Well I'll tell yee, if your stomach can take the terrible toll.

It started in the evening of the previous night
When a load of men and cargo waited to take flight.

Their steed of choice was a hardy trusted Clipper
Who protected them from death only by a whisker.

On a ride as smooth as this, a fact easy to forget.
But deep below in the hold there lay a silent threat.

The malicious intent of those from foreign lands
Who wished to see the Clipper perform a deadly dance

And so it was that very night, the Clipper did doth fall
The horrors of her death, linger with us all.

There is a trench in Roseway where the houses burned
And bodies lined the roadway where they to earth, returned.

And don't forget the field, where the face of Clipper lies
An image forever seared into our hearts and minds.

Across Katie's Knoll flows a soft, gentle breeze
That blows away the sands and reveals "Maid of the Seas".