Holy shit! I am going to die; there's no frickin' doubt about it in my mind, I can already envision my funeral— my dad passed out drunk in the front pew while Grandpa tries to be in charge of everything like the damn control freak that he is. The eulogy will be as follows: "We are gathered here today in memory of Max Bentley… yeah, I don't remember him either."

The wind whipped around me as the giant wolf on steroids carried me deeper and deeper into the redwoods so that he could eat me up like some kind of Dollar Store ribeye. The back of my shirt collar was trapped in his large muzzle, leaving me dangling up in the air. The way my shirt was caught was more along the lines of how a father wolf would carry his puppy by the scruff. He lunged forward, traveling with great leaping bounds that covered tons of ground in one mighty step. My eyesight was all shaky as I turned and twisted in the wolf's hold, making me see a blur of green as we rushed further away from the trail where we'd met.

I swear that I borderline passed out as my head ached from the tremendous fright that I felt. My chest hurt as my heart threatened to give out, adrenaline pumping all throughout my veins. Still, though I know that it was useless, my fingers continued to try to pry open the wolf's mouth. I could feel his eerily-sharp fangs with my trembling fingertips as I stupidly thought that I could yank his jaws open so that I would be dropped and could then try to run off again. Needless to say, it didn't work.

The wolf's giant paws slammed against the forest floor with such ferocity that it sent vibrations rippling all throughout my body. With one mighty bound, he jumped up high into the air, easily clearing a fallen log. I had no clue where we were by now, nothing looking familiar at all as all I could barley make out were numerous redwoods and various ferns.

My brain was in a frenzy, doing absolutely nothing to calm my nerves as I imagined having the flesh gnawed off my bones just like the dead hikers. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to deduce that this kidnapper-wolf is responsible for all of the recent deaths— and holy crap! What is wrong with its blood red eyes?!

Seriously, those things are straight out of my worst nightmares. Also, I'd believed that wolves tended to have yellow eyes, right? I mean, they do on TV! Worst of all was that the over-achiever in me was incredibly sour over the fact that my backpack had been lost on the forest trail when I'd been picked up. I highly doubt that my teachers will count "Getting Kidnapped by a Feral Wolf" as a legitimate excuse for me turning in my work late. Those jerks!

This can't be the end of me though! I'm only seventeen and I have tons left to live for… shit, I'm still a virgin! And it's not like I haven't tried to rectify that… people just were so not even remotely interested.

Desperately, I tried with all of my might to focus on the surrounding markings of the forest as it zoomed by at an alarming pace. Perhaps I could try to memorize the path back to where I was… if the wolf hopefully doesn't eat me as soon as we arrive to wherever he was taking us. We were well off the beaten path, far away from any chance of another hiker or anybody for that matter spotting us and calling a park ranger who could come and rescue me from my predicament. Granted I love animals, there was virtually nothing I knew regarding how to protect myself from a feral wolf. And since when do wolves carry people off like they were their puppy?

Is that normal?

With very bumpy movements, I craned my head upwards, catching a fuzzy glimpse of my canine captor. Granted his brown fur was matted in several areas on his insanely large body, I couldn't help but marvel the tiniest bit at how soft he felt as I desperately tried to pry open his jaws with shaking fingers. At most I was able to lift his jowls the smallest portion, allowing me to gain an uninterrupted and terrifying view of rows of yellow and razor-sharp teeth that would have absolutely zero problems with shredding me apart. The jerky, hot breath that rushed over my digits seemed as if the wolf snorted at my foolishness; and call me crazy, but I swear that I saw the corners of his mouth pull up into a smile. W-was he laughing at me?

"Let me go!" I cried out, but I was so frightened that I doubted any sound came out of me at all.

Obviously the wolf ignored me, continuing to sprint through the woods with me dangling in his jaws. All of the redwood trees blurred together and I couldn't tell where I was at all— I pray that I'm at least still in the Guerneville area.

The wolf whipped his massive head to the side, swinging my limp body up into the air and letting go of my shirt collar so that I could land right on his giant back. Unlike how I'd imagined, the wolf's back was more like a mattress: incredibly soft and comfortable, and it was so, so warm. Had I not been on my way to uncertain death, then I probably would've taken a nap right here, right now. I tried to lift my head up to see what the hell was going on, when the wolf leapt up high into the air with one mighty bound of his strong hind legs. He launched the both of us over a small river that cut through the middle of the forest, landing with ease on the other side on the rocky shore.

Before I could even react or attempt to jump off the wolf's back, he darted back into the deep forest, zig-zagging through trees again. I suppose I could just jump off the animal's back and try to run off or even climb a tree. However, I know deep down in my heart that there's absolutely no way I could even dream of outrunning this roided-out dog. And I'm not entirely sure if the wolf could use his enormous claws to help shimmy his way up any tree trunk to get me. The fact of the matter is that I'm dead. It's pretty much just a matter of where and when by now.

My heart was rapidly beating in my chest and my throat felt as if it were on fire from my frantic breathing as I was on the verge of a mental breakdown. I never imagined myself dying by getting eaten by a feral wolf… I'd believed that I'd die one day from choking on my burger because I'd taken too big of a bite. And that seemed like the perfect way to go.

The wolf took a sharp right turn and scurried down a steep hill with a dead tree at the very bottom of it. When he stopped in front of said tree, I noticed that behind it was a sort of cave that was dug out in the hill… oh crap. It's the wolf's den where he's totally going to eat me whole!

No! I can't die just yet!

Quickly, and without much thought as to where I'd even go, I rolled over and toppled onto the forest floor from the wolf's back. I landed hard on my front, wasting no time to scamper up onto my feet so that I could try to run away. Thanks to the adrenaline and terror flowing throughout my body, my legs felt like jelly and totally inhibited my movement. I tried to limp away, but didn't even move three feet before the wolf rushed over and lifted me back up into his jaws by the shirt collar.

My heart fell as the wolf turned around and carried me into the small little cave, his tail wagging all excitedly the entire time.

The cave was small and didn't stretch too far into the earth, maybe only about twenty or so feet. The walls were comprised of granite rocks and caked mud/dirt with some tree roots poking down through the roof from above. At the very far end of the cave was a pile of various furs, most likely from the past prey of the wolf. Based on the patterns and colors, I could make out raccoon, cougar, and even bear. Holy crap… I didn't think that a wolf could take down a cougar, let alone a bear. Dammit, of course I get taken by the killer wolf and not the nice ones from online fiction!

Very slowly and gently, the wolf lowered his head so that he could set me down onto my feet. He released his hold on my shirt, but my legs were still so weak that I toppled over onto the rough cave floor. My heart was still racing and my fast blood flow made my limbs feel all tingly and numb and I struggled to figure out what the fuck to do actually. I've never been in this kind of situation before, so I had no clue how I was going to escape a wild animal bent on eating me alive. I cannot run that fast, nor can I get out of this cave right now since the wolf's abnormally large body was blocking the exit (on purpose, no doubt).

With wide eyes, I looked up at the wolf's grinning (?!) face, his pink tongue lolling out his mouth as he appeared to smile down at me. His red eyes were trained onto my face and his tail continued to wag back and forth at such a fast pace that I could feel traces of the air whooshing by my face from the movements.

The wolf's large black nose twitched as he sniffed at the air, his long whiskers shaking as he did so. Momentarily, he closed his eyes in a blissful way before going back to staring me down with his blood-red eyes that shot shivers of fear throughout me.

With a shaky core, I lifted my hands up in front of myself as I pathetically tried to protect myself from the impending attack that would of course come to me. I've never had a dog and I don't have too much experience with wolves other than what I've watched on Animal Planet. Therefore, I wasn't exactly sure why the wolf was waiting to eat me. C-could he be waiting for his pack to return so that they could attack me all at once, like some kind of buffet-style gang bang?

My bottom lip quivering, I tried one more time to plead my case. "Pl-please, don't hurt me," I begged, hoping that the wolf somehow spoke English. Shoot, I even barely recall reading somewhere that dogs are able to learn sign language, so I even tried that out too.

{Please do not hurt me}.

The wolf cocked his eyebrow, actually looking confused for a moment, especially when his giant head tilted to the side. His fuzzy ears stuck straight up into the air and his entire body jerked a little bit as he quickly opened and closed his jaws— he barked. Of course I couldn't hear it, but I could definitely feel the massive vibration from its power rippling through the rocks beneath my butt. He then lowered his front to the ground, keeping his hind legs erect so that his rear stuck up into the air, his tail still playfully wagging. His jaws opened up wide and—

I slapped my hands over my face. I know what's going to come, and I was so not prepared to watch myself be chewed up and eaten by a mutant wolf in some grubby cave. No way do I want that image to be the last thing I ever see!

My body tensed up and I braced myself for the inevitable sensation of fangs piercing my flesh… anytime now.

It was weird. I must've sat there on the cave floor with my legs tucked into my chest and my hands plastered on top of my face for what felt like minutes, but the wolf never even bit me. What was going on?

The vibrations continued to lightly shake me, letting me know that the wolf had tried to bark again. I refused to budge though, my fear starting to subside a little bit due to the confusion that was starting to seep in— but it was definitely still present.

I nearly cried out in shock when I felt the warm air from the wolf's muzzle blowing over my face as he sniffed me. Oh okay, this was it. Now he's checking to make sure I'm ripe enough or something like that before he eats me. Oh dammit, now I'm going to die.

There was something warm and wet that dragged along the right side of my face, focusing more on my ear. What—?

Forgetting the fact that I was facing my impending doom anytime now, I yanked my hands away from my face and looked over at the wolf in bewilderment. He'd walked closer to me, sniffing at my ear and pausing every so often to lap at it with his tongue, almost as if he were trying to clean it but instead he'd just given me numerous wet willies. He even pulled back the smallest bit, lowering his head so that he could stare directly at my ear canal with his red eyes, trying to see if there was something in there or something.

What is going on here?

More smelly air wafted over my face and the ground lightly shook as the wolf barked a third time, this time standing right next to me. I may not be an animal expert, but I think the wolf just discovered that I'm deaf. M-maybe I can try to pull on his heartstrings and get him to let me go? Things like that can totally happen, right? I mean, I definitely believe that wolves and other animals are intuitive to human emotions are able to have a variety of feelings. Perhaps the wolf is able to display compassion to me and therefore will not gobble me up. One can only hope…

I mean, I can't die. I have so much to live for! Well, not really, but I have family and friends who will come looking for me! Well, now that I think about it, I don't have any friends, so there goes that. But my dad will surely miss me… or he'll be too drunk to even notice that I'm missing. Come to think of it, I highly doubt that he even knows that I left for school this morning. My brother's missing, so he won't be all the wiser that I'm missing now too. Grandpa might care, but he'll also try to twist this situation all around and take it as an opportunity to boss people around and form a search party. So odds are that he'll probably enjoy having me missing so that he can be in charge of something. Well, you're welcome, Grandpa!

In summation though, I don't think anyone will really give two shits if I get slaughtered by this wild animal. Ugh, why does my life suck so much? Man, I may as well just lie back and accept my fate as dog chow.

Instead of lunging at me, the wolf sat back on his rear, erecting his posture as he sat up straight and seemingly flexed every muscle in his massive body. Dang, even underneath all of that brown fur, I could tell that the wolf was fuckin' jacked and would be able to hold his own in any kind of fight… w-was he trying to show off for me?

No, there's no way.

Still, the wolf's chest muscles tensed up and I noticed that his red eyes were still affixed to me, his smirk seemingly growing when he caught me staring. Um, okay, I'm super confused right now. Again, I'm far from an expert, but do wolves normally play/flirt with their food?

Almost as if someone had yanked a plug deep down inside of me, I could feel all the anxiety of being masticated flow right out of my body as it was rapidly replaced with puzzlement. Foolishly, I even brought my hands up, signing, {What are you doing?}

It shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone, but the wolf just knit both of his eyebrows together at my sign language. For a third time since we'd met, he cocked his head to the side in wonder as if he too were confused by our meeting. When I really sat down and thought about it, it was out of the ordinary. The wolf had carried me through the forest and brought me to his den, carrying me like a father wolf would their puppy. He didn't hurt me and he almost looked… happy, especially with his tail wagging all excitedly.

The wolf's fur was all matted and his black claws had a generous caking of dirt on them, so there was no doubt in my frazzled mind that he's wild and hadn't escaped from a zoo or something like that. But why wasn't he attacking me?

Because I'm not the brightest, and because why the hell not, I hesitantly reached out my left hand towards the wolf. My fingers began to tremble with much more intensity as I stupidly leaned forward so that I could brush my fingertips against the wolf, almost as if it were some sort of test to gauge my safety. The way I presented it in my mind was that if the wolf allowed me to pet him, then I wasn't in any immediate danger. Then again, if he bites off my hand, then I suppose that will let me know if he's a man-eater or not.

His red eyes lit up and the wolf thrust himself forward, quickly closing the distance between us. I flinched back out of shock at first, but soon began to marvel again at how soft the wolf's fur was, feeling like a mixture of velvet and fleece. There'd been plenty of times when I petted other peoples' dogs out on the street, and the wolf kind of reminded me of some of those instances. He closed his eyes and his large, brown ears flattened against his massive head as he nuzzled forward. His giant body vibrated as I could tell he purred out loud with pleasure, getting closer and closer to me until he practically stood right over me. Due in part to the incredible height difference between the two of us, as the wolf sauntered forward, my hand slid down from his head to his neck and finally to his chest… and holy crap. I was right: he is jacked. I could legit feel every contour of his musculature which indicated that he was most likely buffer than any human I've ever met. Shoot, even Zachariah wasn't this strong.

The wolf completely collapsed on top of me, pressing all of his overbearing weight down onto my much smaller frame. I didn't struggle so much to breathe, mainly because I was insanely lost as to what was gong on (still). I tried to push the wild animal off of me, but the wolf was much, much stronger than me and he began to playfully roll around on top of me, twisting his furry body this way and that while pausing every few seconds to shove his enormous snout onto me to inhale deeply. It wasn't long before the wolf made me completely reek of his scent, smelling of dog and pine trees. When he was all finished with his tumbling routine or whatever, he remained lying down on top of me, pinning me on my back underneath his bulky body.

The wolf looked down at me again, his red eyes piercing right through me as his tongue hung out of his muzzle. The corners of his mouth pulled up again, his canine smile making a reappearance.

Wh-what is going on around here?

So let me get this straight: I virtually get kidnapped by a wild wolf in the middle of the Redwoods while I'm on my way to school (well, at least I got to avoid any awkward contact with Zachariah today, so I guess some good came out of it). Then, not only does the wolf not eat me, but he takes me to his den where he rolls around on top of me to make me smell just like him. After taking a deep whiff of my free arm that wasn't pinned beneath a bunch of fur, I wrinkled up my nose as my nostrils were assaulted with such a foul and dirty stench that totally let me know that this wolf has never been introduced to soap once in his life.

The wolf continued to gaze down at me, beginning to lick his jowls as it seemed as if his red eyes were focusing on my face. Very slowly, he opened up his massive jaws, showing off his numerous sharp teeth that sent shockwaves of fear shooting all throughout me, making me wince and close my eyes.

Almost immediately, I could feel the wolf's body jerk as he most likely emitted some sort of sound (not as strong as a bark, and not as constant as a growl). I could feel his abnormally large body shift as he leaned forward, gently placing his head next to my shoulder, those purring vibrations making a comeback. Then something wet dragged against my face, running from my chin up to my forehead. What—?

I cracked open one eye, shocked to see the wolf resting his face so close to mine, his ears back as his pink tongue lapped at my face. His red eyes were all large, reminding me of a puppy's almost… a demonic puppy's. He nuzzled forward, refusing to let any space in between us as he purred and licked at my face almost affectionately.

My breath hitched my throat as it dawned on me… w-was the wolf trying to comfort me?

He positioned one of his his front legs around my torso, dragging me even closer into his fur in kind of a cuddling manner as he wrapped his large body around my smaller one. He continued to lap at me with his large tongue, even seemingly grooming me as he went over my long hair.



There was a sort of pressure that I felt between my ears, sort of like some static resonating in my skull. It was unlike something I'd ever experienced before; not quite a headache, but not something imaginary either. What was going on today? I must be dead, that's the only logical explanation. I'd died of embarrassment yesterday in Zachariah's car, and this is my hell. That's it.

I really should be trying to come up with a way out of this predicament, or forming some sort of escape plan, but my mind was blank. I couldn't think of a single idea at all. The wolf was a lot stronger than me and he was so much faster than me too. Not to mention that he was currently keeping me trapped to him, pinning both of my legs underneath his massive bulk. And as weird as it was to admit: the wolf was so, so comfy.

Holy shit, I've never felt something so soft like him before and he was so warm, kind of like an alive electric blanket constructed from the upmost luxurious fabrics. I was so lost in my mental bewilderment, unable to formulate any kind of coherent thought when I was instantly launched back to reality when my left shoulder exploded into a frenzy of pain.

My shoulder felt as if it'd caught on fire and I had to blink the tears away from my eyes as I whipped my head over to see that the stupid wolf had latched down onto my shoulder, my blood seeping out from from his mouth and staining his fur. My throat grew sore as I yelled out in agony, my hands uselessly beating against the wolf's head in a pathetic attempt to get him away from me. I should've known that he was going to eat me, and yet, I'd been idiotic enough to let my guard down for a moment. Son of a bitch!

After what felt like hours, the wolf pulled back to show me the deep bite marks that had pierced through my school uniform shirt, now a deep scarlet from my bleeding. I began to thrash about underneath the wolf, trying to squirm free from his hold, but I was far too weak to get away. My shoulder continued to burn and it was incredibly sore when I tried to claw myself free.

The wolf rolled his red eyes (oh wow, a wolf with attitude who's going to eat me… why wouldn't I get something else?) and began to lick my wounds, making them sting like hydrogen peroxide. I grit my teeth in agony as the wolf toyed with me, keeping me on the verge of blacking out from so much pain in my shoulder which I'm fairly sure would contract rabies. Ugh, I don't have health insurance, so this wolf better kill me so I don't have to go to the hospital!

I had a fistful of the wolf's fur, trying with every ounce of strength in my tiny body to yank his head away from me, when I froze on the spot.

"Holy shit," I mouthed, my eyes widening in shock as the wounds on my shoulder began to close up on their own, healing at an inhuman pace. It was seconds until my flesh was pieced back together, sealing up and looking like I'd been scarred years ago as opposed to literally just now.

The wolf glanced back up at me, grinning widely as his red eyes switched between my stunned expression and the bite-shaped scar on my left shoulder that now marked my skin like some sort of demented tattoo.

My jaw dropped to the cave floor and my eyes nearly fell out of my skull at what I'd just seen. My heart slowed and my pulse was no longer racing like I'd just taken a shot of meth as my body struggled to come up with a logical and decent way to react. Something was out of the ordinary here— this was no regular wolf.

{What are you?} I asked him with shaking hands, noting the wolf cocking his head to the side in wonder yet again. I mean, holy shit, there was no more pain in my shoulder anymore either— not even a dull throb.


There it was again, that unknown staticky pressure in my head which seemed to grow much more intense the harder I stared up at the wolf's red eyes. Something's wrong here… well duh! I'd just been taken by a wolf! Obviously something's wrong, but there's much more there than meets the eye.

The wolf has red eyes; red like the color of blood. The wolf was treating me like a member of his pack almost, not eating me at all. Shoot, dare I say, he was almost comforting me. And what the fuck was up with that whole bite that just healed like some magic straight up out of Harry Potter?!

The wolf leaned forward, licking my face once more as his tail started to wag like crazy again. His mouth opened up and there was another hard vibration that rippled through the air in the small cave as the wolf barked again.

"Mate!" rang out in my head, clear and vibrant.

I was five when I'd lost my hearing, and I still had vague memories of hearing my dad or my brother speak to me. Their voices would sometimes replay in my imagination every now and then, sounding deep and manly. Dad's words had always seemed to slur together due to his chronic drinking, while Brady's voice had a scratchy quality to it. However, neither of those voices had played in my head when I'd "heard" that word just now. This voice was deep and manly, yes. However, it was also rough and harsh like it belonged to someone who was kind of dominant. Plus, it also contained a sort of gentleness to it, like a paternal figure who was caring for its young and only wanted to make sure it was happy and warm.

The wolf's smile stretched even wider as he titled his head to the other side, flexing his front legs and wiggling his paws. "Mate. Human," the voice inside my head said again, sounding a bit weirded out yet excited. "Small, like Pup."

Pup? Like as in puppy? Wait…

No, that was crazy. I mean, sure, I was suddenly hearing voices inside my head (shit, how ironic considering I can't hear outside of my head), but there was no way it was because of the wolf. It was saying words like "Mate" and "Pup", both of which I suppose belong to the animal kingdom since a "Pup" was a baby dog and "Mate" was akin to fucking.

I don't consider myself to be one of the world's most smartest people. Sure I had straight A's and excelled in school and almost everything I did, but that didn't qualify me as a detective. However, I could not ignore the fact that something was definitely odd with this entire situation.

{Are you in my head?} I asked the wolf, doubting that he could understand sign language. Therefore, I forced the thoughts in my head, making sure that question echoed off the walls of my skull just in case I spontaneously developed telepathy with a wolf… wow, I feel stupid for even thinking that.

The wolf stared back at me, licking his jowls to clean off my blood. Other than that, he showed absolutely no indication that he'd mentally heard me, making me feel like I should just dig a hole and hide in there for the rest of my sad, pathetic life. I cannot believe that I was such an idiot enough to actually believe that I'd mentally communicated with an ani—

"Yes, Pup," the voice responded, the wolf licking my face once more as if to confirm that he was telepathically communicating with me.


The earth practically shook underneath me as the weight of the situation dawned on me— I was having a telepathic conversation with a frickin' wolf! How is this even possible?! This has to be a prank or something; I even looked around the decrepit cave for a video camera or something, but dammit, I was stuck in reality. Or some form of fucked up reality.

What the fuck was happening?!

"Pup. Mine. Mating Bond," the voice, er, the wolf explained, although I was even more in the dark than before. Did he think I was his puppy or something, and what on earth is a "Mating Bond"? Is it some kind of special glue?

My heart began to speed up again and my head throbbed with the onslaught of supernatural information that had been shoved my way. So I get kidnapped by a wolf and he thinks I'm his puppy! Oh, and he's telepathic! How could this get any more out there?!

The wolf flexed his muscles and closed his eyes, his upper lip curling upwards as he grit his teeth in deep concentration. His entire body began to vibrate like crazy as he shook all over, looking blurry due to the ferocity with which he shook. At first, I thought that the wolf was having some sort of seizure, but then his… fur started to pull into his body?!

I nearly sucked all of the oxygen out of the cave with my deep gasp as I watched in complete amazement as the giant wolf on top of me shifted and shrank down, his muzzle pulling into his head along with the fur which left patches of pale, smooth skin. His pointy ears even reshaped themselves as his fangs dulled the slightest bit, still eerily sharp, but not as jagged. The wolf's tail pulled into his body as his entire form twisted and morphed. Before long, there was full grown, naked man hovering over me.

My throat dried up, preventing me from saying anything, and my hands shook way too fast so I was even unable to sign.

The man before me was insanely tall, and his muscles bulged out all over his body, displaying the incredible physical power that he possessed. His blood-stained lips pulled up into a crooked smile, and his still-red eyes continued to stare down at me, full of wonder and admiration. His body was covered in body hair and he had an unkept beard on his lower face. His dirty blond hair was shaggy and all of knotted, giving him the appearance of a caveman, especially with the way his pale skin was smudged all over with dirt and grime from the earth and his sweat. And whatever, judge me, but I totally caught a glimpse (or I stared) of his cock, and holy shit! He was packing! But I shouldn't concentrate on that right now, no— the wolf had just fucking turned into a man right before my very own eyes!

This can't be happening! This isn't real!

What is he?

As if he'd heard my thoughts too, the wolf/man mentally responded with, "Werewolf."

"W-werewolf?" I vocally repeated, even signing the word as well. Had I not just witnessed the transformation right in front of me, I totally would've thought that I'd been taken away by a crackhead… or maybe I was on crack?

The wild man reached out, brushing his rough, warm hand along my paling cheek as his smile grew much wider, showing off his sharp canine teeth. The smile even touched his red eyes which refused to leave my puzzled expression.

"Mine," he growled. "My pup."

As a child, I'd always begged my dad to take me to the carnival so that I could ride the carousels. I'd fallen in love with the dizzying motions that the ride would give me due to the spinning combined with the up-and-down of the animal I'd sat on. That was the same exact sensation that I experienced right now as I stared up at the smiling wolf-man who had taken me away from the dirt path I'd been on while on my way to school.

And there's also the fact the "Werewolf" has referred to me as his pup, whatever that translates into.

But oh my gosh, werewolves are real, and I've just been stolen away by one and taken to his den. There's no way my brain can easily process that information. I don't subscribe to theories of alternate dimensions, but I must've stumbled into a portal on my way to school earlier; and it transported me to a Twilight universe. That's the only explanation that I can come up with right now.

The spinning sensation increased and my eyesight began to blur and darken. My head's weight seemed to increase and I had trouble craning my neck to keep my sight on the werewolf, who began to look worried as he knitted his bushy eyebrows together.

"Pup?" he wondered.

I didn't answer. I mean, how the fuck could I? This was way too much for me to handle. I thought that I was dreaming and would blink, finding myself back in bed safely at my house. However, there was a feeling that I couldn't quite explain that existed deep inside of my gut that told me that this was all too real, and it increased as I gazed up at the werewolf's concerned human face.

"Daddy take care of Pup," he told me.

Daddy?! What the hell?

I didn't have time to ask any questions before the darkness took over and I felt my head thump against the cave floor as I passed out. Or died… hopefully it's the second one.

"Pup! Daddy protect Pup. Daddy love Pup."